Job vacancy: Visual Studio programmer

Busy looking for a partner for a particular project to visualize the “Smart Home” system. The work is not urgent. If this article is hanging, then – until the candidate (s) is found.

Qualification requirements:

Strong knowledge of Visual Studio, object-oriented programming, development of graphic primitives, pop-up windows, buttons, messages, etc.

It is desirable to live in Moscow or the region, since you will need at least one fact-finding trip to the site.

The smart home control system itself is made on the Beckhoff CX1000 industrial PC, to which the monitor and mouse are connected.

The project budget is small and I will not open it, we will agree individually on each case. The cost of each option will be transferred to the Customer for decision making

It is necessary:

    Understand the program code of the application for visualization. The source codes will be issued upon request, to review and evaluate the cost of work / counting the amount of labor
Create a text description of the software, document the code, create the Operator’s Manual. Describe all the variables used to communicate with the controller
Provide support for making adjustments and upgrades to the project. The volume of modernization is insignificant (to reconnect a few buttons, add / repair a tab)


Visual Studio

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