Pumps dry safety

In accordance with the rules of industrial safety of oil depots and oil products warehouses (PB 09-560-03), any pumps and pumping stations should be equipped with protection and alarm systems that ensure the safety of pumping stations. One such protection is the work on the “dry run” (the oil pipeline does not contain the product).

To provide protection and signaling, local stand-alone systems are installed, working in parallel with the operation of the main control systems.

An example of such a system can serve as a system designed and configured by the company “Scientific Integration” on the basis of the equipment of the research and production association Sensor.


Насосная станция

Equipment “Sensor” in its database uses a three-wire data exchange bus with a broadcast event protocol of exchange. The devices in the system have unique addresses and operate at the event level. Sensors are programmed to record events (for example, pressure reduction), and relays or alarms to the control effect associated with an event.

The configuration of the system begins with addressing the devices on a single device. However, it is much more convenient and clearer for programming the system to use software in conjunction with an interface device.


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