Filatov Roman - control over the equipment

Having considered the proposals related to the automation of production, programming (PLC, C ++, Android, Web) and control over the equipment.
Ready to relocate and travel.

Foreign languages
• English, technical (above average)
• Japanese, Elementary (Basic)

CAD, CAD / CAM, SCADA, LD / FBD / SFC, C / C ++, Arduino, Windows / Unix / Android OS, Microsoft / Open Office, Raster / Vector graphics packages, Flash Animation, 3D Modelling, HTML / PHP

09.2013 12.2015 Programmer, Bryansk State Technical University
Training, commissioning, writing programs for CNC metalworking equipment, performance of contract work with the enterprises of the Bryansk region, work with students.

2013 – 2016 PhD student, Bryansk State Technical University
Direction: Automation and control of technological processes and manufactures (on branches)
Extras: won a grant in the research competition. Automate the CMM. The automated diagnostic system mechanisms with plane motion.

2008 – 2013
Software Engineer, Bryansk State Technical University
Direction: Management and informatics in technical systems
Average: 4.8
Extras: Honours degree, the elder group, winner of the scholarship administration of the Bryansk region, university. An active participant in research competitions and conferences.

2008 – 2013
Software Engineer, Bryansk State Technical University
Direction: Software computer technology and automated systems
Average: 4.6


Automation of CMM Automation of CMM Carl Zeiss, in probe configuration
Automated diagnostics crank press
Diagnosing crank press in the dynamics of columns, the upper movable plate with a punch

• Grant to develop an automated system diagnostics crank press
Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology

• Laser engraving machine, CNC
Design and creation of a solid-state laser engraving machine split with CNC
Working structure and working principle of laser engraving machine based on gas CO2 laser

• The automated diagnostic system of the diesel engine crankcase
Development of hardware and software diagnostics crankcase of diesel engines for repair enterprises of the Bryansk region

• The commissioning of two laboratories
Computer lab and laboratory electric automation and information-measuring technology

A utility model patent
The automated system diagnostics crank press

• Publications
10, including foreign publications

• Testing of EF Education First
EFSET 45 Intermediate (CERF B1)

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