Scheme smart home. Automation

I propose to consider the following block diagram of a smart home. It has a set of different, worthy of manufacturers. In the construction of the structural scheme was guided by the following objectives:

1. Selection of the most convenient set of components in the creation and maintenance of the system

2. Ensuring high availability

3. Selection of products used in the industry (highly reliable solution used many times around the world)

technical issues of building “mnogomasternoy” network based on iRidium Mobile applications using the Modbus TCP protocol have been solved.

Since the software on smart home scenarios level will be improved constantly over the operation of the building, thought-centralized distributed system architecture. Control effects will pass through the master PLC, and changes to the program code with the use of the building will be reduced to correcting code in a single place – the master PLC.

To protect the open Modbus TCP protocol offer the following method.


Структурная схема_v6

INSAT: Observations we have. OPC server is running in Slave mode – This mode is valid for him.
WAGO: Our equipment in the block diagram will work well. Moreover, thanks to our interface modules You can connect the KNX bus directly to the system, which greatly reduce the cost and simplify your integration
SIEMENS: We do not understand why you need all this. WinCC invented for industrial purposes and for the implementation of HVAC there are cheaper and “sharpened” by KNX solutions. We do not support decisions with Modbus protocol, we consider it slow and outdated

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