iRidium iPad example of autorization


This video shows an example of the decision on authorization PLC Aries with iPad in Smart Home (iRidium Mobile).
Authorization is created as follows: when you press the input button
the password is changed the variable MW0 by a predetermined value.
PLC collects these event code and places these values ​​in a clipboard.
When the value coincides with the set, there is a record in the variable Password.
In accordance with this value iRidium Mobile script understands a popup
the window should be open (Vyacheslav Greeting). This tells the user
he entered. Further, access to the control frame.

Total used 4 variables:
Increment: INT; (* Running yellow fireflies on the password screen *)
Increment1: INT; (* Running triangles on the main frame *)
Password: WORD; (* Shipped bar code entered by user *)
MW0: WORD; (* Key commands codes when entering your password *)

#iRidiumMobile, #Password, #PLC, #authorization, #smarthome

Russian version

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