Scalance & ET200S - periphery module ET200S via the Step7 software.

This article describes the experience of initialization and assignment of IP addresses to the smart communicator Scalance and the distributed periphery module ET200S via the Step7 v5.5 software.

So that's all connected, having fed from the power supply 24V and combining all the patchcords through Scalance.


Suppose that communication with the controller has already been configured by Profinet, hence it looked like this in HW. Clearly, there are no devices and they are not added


From the list of devices (on the left) we select the necessary model of our Scalance, we go into its properties and we necessarily assign to it a personal name "Scalance-test"


So it looks like an added device

Add to structure

Now the most interesting. In the menu, on the PLC tab, open Ethernet-NODE-BROUSE and start scanning the network


Choose the device we need from this list


We put the right address, we associate with the name and click "Assign address"



A similar procedure is carried out with distributed ET200S peripherals (do not forget to buy memory modules)



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