Employees who had not encountered at work, advise and share information. Can quickly engage in work and to assist in creating automated systems.

 Name (nikname) City Experience  Skills
Alexander Burdyugov Stary Oskol 2010 Softaware Engineer of PLC (Siemens Step 7, Micro/Win,C#, C/C++,)
Arif Askerov Baku 2008 Software Engineer ACS (oil and gas)
Dmitry Krasnokutsky Moscow 2005 Building automation: Honeywell (Care), Siemens(Desigo) and Aries (CODESYS). SCADA: Honeywell (EBI/SymmetrE)
Kuznetsov Uriy St. Petersburg 2008 Chief Progect Engineer
Andrey N. Davydov Moscow 1996 Software Engineer C #
Afanasiev Vladimir Kazan 2012 Software Engineer of PLC (oil and gas)
Serpikov Sergey Kaluga 2011 Software Engineer C#
Rodionov Aleksander Kazan 2001 Software Engineer
Popov Ivan Kashira 2011 Automation engineer
Oskin Aleksandr Novokuznetsk 2003 Engineer warehouse
Bocharov Aleksander Moscow 2005 Software Engineer Delta
Filatov Roman Bryansk 2008 Software Engineer C#
Glytnev Yaroslav Mariupol 2005 Automation engineer
Alexander Kuznetsov Tyumen 2002 Automation engineer
Malnev Pavel Moscow 2005 Programmer Omron

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