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Overview of the application of the router Huawei B315S-22

I do not sell anything to anyone and do not deal with advertising for money. I share positive emotions from the used network equipment HUAWEI router B315S at remote sites, where previously there were problems with communication. There everything was decided by installing such a box. No additional antennas and hanging modems. Turned on and use. The article will also help those who suffer for a long time with a bad Internet connection at a particular place in the home. Wherever 3G is poorly received...


I work in freelancing (designing and programming of process control systems) for almost 5 years. I'll try to tell you about some of the nuances of this way of working on your example, offer food for thought to all those who intend to become a freelancer or all those who abandoned this mortal path, settled in a permanent job, confirm or debunk some myths about this method of work. Many customers believe that if they turn to a freelancer, they will either be deceived, or they will do poor work. I...

Comissioning tools

... deliberately scoffed This is how the disassembled tool kit looks. In the upper right corner of the most trump - a stripper and a joker Additional components that allow small repairs in the fields #Comissioningtools, #Comissioning, #tool, #adjuster, #ACS, #stripper, #joker, #table, #chair, #wire, #finder, #engineer Russian version