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... (spectral density of signal power) for detecting hidden cycles 3. Diagnosis and elimination of control valve problems: adhesion, hysteresis, size mismatch (sizing) 4. Checking for nonlinearities and linearizing the contour 5. Determination of the optimal PID settings and filter Next, a step-by-step procedure for diagnosing and optimizing your control loop is described in more detail. Conduct a survey of operational and engineering personnel on existing problems and comments on the work of the circuit. If ...

Automatic PID control

... State_mem( IN:=State , IN1=>State1 , IN2=>State2 , IN3=>State3 , IN4=>State4 , IN5=>State5 , IN6=>State6 , IN7=>State7 , IN8=>State8 , IN9=>State9 , IN10=>State10 , IN11=>State11 , IN12=>State12 ); #Automaticpidcontrol, #PID, #settings, #statemachine, #selectionofcoefficients Russian version