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Intervue project engeneer

How does your work usually begin? For example: from collecting initial data, filling in questionnaires? Everything begins with communication with the customer and receiving a preliminary task from him, oral or written. Also from the customer it is necessary to obtain all the materials available to him (technical conditions for connecting to heat networks, if any). After this, the available data is analyzed and the necessary amount of survey work is determined. If it is necessary to determine the...

Fast Project

... post on this site (images and promotional brochures on the projects), I will be glad to any cooperation. For you, as a new source of interest to your business from potential customers. #fastproject, #fastdecision, #automation, #project, #comissioningengeneer, #automatedprocesscontrolsystems, #completedproject Russian version

Oskin Alexander Sergeevich

... application displaying data received from a REST service) 3. Various .NET components for WinCC personal information Ability to work independently and in a team, a high level of responsibility, perseverance, the ability to quickly learn new technologies #engeneer, #comissioning, #comissioningengeneer, #automatedprocesscontrolsystems, #scada, #WinCC Russian version