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... to dynamically simulate and simulate the operation of a closed control system based on the received data on the behavior of the control object after a single test impact on the process. This allows the user to check the efficiency of the recommended settings on the closed-loop model before they are loaded into the PID controller, which is especially useful if the recommended ExperTune options do not completely satisfy the user. In this case, he can change the settings offered by the program and check ...

Automatic PID control

... IN:=State , IN1=>State1 , IN2=>State2 , IN3=>State3 , IN4=>State4 , IN5=>State5 , IN6=>State6 , IN7=>State7 , IN8=>State8 , IN9=>State9 , IN10=>State10 , IN11=>State11 , IN12=>State12 ); #Automaticpidcontrol, #PID, #settings, #statemachine, #selectionofcoefficients Russian version

Intouch&Modbus TCP

... with devices using the Modbus TCP protocol This article offers those who master the classic InTouch R14, a step-by-step instruction on setting up communication with devices using the Modbus TCP protocol. I’ll try to explain those features of the settings that can put a novice developer in a difficult situation. 1. Licensing The company Klinkmann supports developers of their products, issuing full, but temporary licenses, each of which operates a little less than a month. After the expiration ...