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At the moment, the speed from the moment you press the button until the feedback is returned from the control object is 4 seconds. It's a long time, we and Owen PLC are working to make this delay shorter.

Action Log

IP Address Operation Date

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the possibility of remote (remote) control of smart home systems using the OwenCloud service through an API.

A little background: in the summer of 2018 I was busy building my own private building - the basement. A quarry was dug under the ground floor, 3.5 meters deep. To install the climatic heat pump system, u-shaped pipe welded structures were deepened another meter.

Thermal resistances were installed at four locations of these structures using pipes and thermal paste: 2 PT100 and 2 PT1000. Further, all this is bricked up in the ground (clay), compacted with sand and rubble, the power reinforced slab is poured.

Currently, data is collected from these temperatures during the winter period for further analysis and use of the obtained values ​​in order to determine the characteristics of the heat pump.

By the cost of equipment Aries:

  • SPK107 - 20 t.r
  • Analog Input Module - 10 t.r
  • Power supply - 7 t.r
  • Router - 6 t.r

The cost of work on remote configuration for a similar task - 10t.r.

Structure scheme

What sequence of events occurs when you press a button?

  1. The client application (browser) when you click on the button sends a request to the server.
  2. The server hosting this site processes the incoming command and sends a request to api OwenCloud.
  3. The automation cabinet, in which the modern model SPK107 with Ethernet is installed, is connected to the Huawei B315 router and is synchronized with the OwenCloud service.
  4. OwenCloud returns the response to the server, which then sends the result to the client to inform you that the data has changed.
  5. The browser updates the information, providing the user with objective information about the state of the lamp.

States table:

Name Value
Temperature in basement:
Temperature in box:
Temperature under the foundation - sensor number 1:
Temperature under the foundation - sensor number 2:
Temperature under the foundation - sensor number 3:
Temperature under the foundation - sensor number 4:

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