Creation of a monitoring and warning system for climate control systems of Italian equipment AERMEC (air conditioning and chiller) for the building of the city hospital in Moscow (see the link), June 2020. Completed


Development of application software for a coffee roasting machine in Dedovsk. OWEN of PLC110 +CP110, June 2020 Completed

Development of application software for the system of sedimentation of clay fracky in water for ceramic production in Krasnodar. OWEN SPK107, May 2020 Completed


Modernization of dispatch systems for the life support systems of the building, the Golden Apple Hotel. Moscow. Changed Desigo Siemens controllers for modern domestic manufacturer Aries PLC110. SCADA visualization created on the basis of the website using the built-in cloud capabilities of the PLC OWEN based on the OwenCloud service, June 2019. Completed (Looking for Link)
HOTEL, Golden, Apple

Creation of a monitoring system for irrigation at an agrotechnical complex for growing crops. v.Aprelevka. OWEN PLC100 + Masterskada v.3.10. A bonus to work was a website for analyzing indicators based on the OwenCloud service, April 2019. Completed


Programming the system of middle and upper level SCADA. Clean rooms. Zelenograd Masterskad v.3.10. Development of a driver for working with EBMPAPST protocol. Dispatching ventilation systems. April 2019 Completed

Programming the top-level system SCADA for FBU Sanatorium Voronovo. Masterskad v.3.9. Moscow. Control and accounting of production and distribution of natural water. August 2018 Completed


Organization of works, commissioning, programming of SCADA iFix dispatching system modernization in combination with power cells of RZA EKRA. Vostochny Moscow in May 2018. Completed


Programming, installation, commissioning for the creation of application software for PLC110-60 and panel SP307 (Aries). city of Zelenograd. Multi-apartment house. April 2018 Completed

ИТП многоквартирного дома

Programming, installation, commissioning works on modernization of system of supply of diesel fuel for the stand of testing of turbojet engines. Dzerzhinsky. Horizon. 2017. Completed.


Programming and commissioning works on the residential area of automation. “Smart home”. Tower “Moscow”. Beckhoff CX8090 + Crestron. 2016. Completed.

Moscow City

  Commissioning works on introduction of solid radioactive waste transport system. PLC Premium Schneider Electric. 2016. Completed.


Autoroad party playground. Istra. Mosk. region. Programming, configuration of equipment, installation and commissioning works on the project site kontravariynoy production. Siemens equipment – TP1900, TP700, PLC 315-DP / DN + 8 ET200S, Scalance. TIA Portal V13 + Step7 Professional V5.5. May-June 2016. Completed.


Implementation of software for plasma-treating furnace waste. OWEN PLC 110+ HMI Weintek MT8100IE. Moscow, 2015. Completed.


Modernization (design and commissioning) woodworking machine CNC (end tenor). Five axes management software. The upper level of WinCC, the lower Delta.


Design automation systems 1200 sq.m private buildings on the basis of controllers WAGO. Creating a centrally-distributed system using an industrial protocol Modbus TCP. Integration bus DALI, internet stuff, multimedia.

Barviha. Smart Houme

The system loading washer fluid (filling stations). Aries PLK110 (fast inputs, counters). 2015. Completed.

Fresh liq

Modernization of dispatching air handling unit apartment complex garage complex “Cheryomushki”. Aries PLK110 operates a network PLC WAGO, ventilation. 2015. Completed.


STG (Pulp and paper industry APCS) “Semibratova.” Designing, programming and commissioning of cogeneration of thermal modules. WAGO / B & R / Siemens / Beckhoff. Completed.


Warehousing near d.Leshkovo. Completed.


The development of combustion systems for solid radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. Completed.

Rostov AES

The ventilation system of main ventilation Soligorsk “Krasnoslobodsky mine”. SIEMENS-MITSUBISHI. Completed.


Starting work on the crane drilling ship “ISPOLIN.” Completed.


Designing and conducting commissioning work on the installation of gas-factional HFC-300. Almetyevsk. Completed.


Dispatching control systems hotel building “Gazprom” company Computrols.Inc. Completed.


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