Dispatching Sauter

Recently partner invited to the assessment of the technical and commercial proposals for the scheduling of existing engineering systems house. I was leaving the real object in Moscow.
It all started with a meeting at which the parties have specified that the customer wants to have in the end. And suggestions were as follows:
1) you must create a workplace of the operator – the operator workstation – with a certain set of video frames, trends, tables, violations and events. The brands of SCADA-systems customer does not understand and the only criterion for evaluating the SCADA-system is the only of its cost;
2) to tie a few meters network thermal and electrical accounting;

3) to get control over 2 of 6 ventilation systems;

4) control the PCS systems in the individual heating units.


Node heat metering Teplosfera


Sauter nova220


Sauter EY3600

It turned out that the problem is complicated by the fact that:
– The customer wants to maintain existing systems and controls, as, in his words, they work perfectly, for example, two of the company SAUTER PLC placed in the ITP;

– Pump control cabinet partially destroyed – removed thermal protection, so that when issues have to automatically sort out the closet with the preparation of the necessary project documentation;
– Cold water supply management system Grundfos Customer is not satisfied, because It does not provide a time-based mode of operation of the two pumps. The customer himself proposed change Grundfos PLC Owen + monochrome panel.


Grundfos PMU2000

The conclusion suggests itself – or to give up work or to lay in the cost of replacement equipment.
What we have in the dry residue:
1) you must purchase 100 – 200 m twisted pair UTP-5;
2) to purchase 3 panel SP-320 Owen;
3) to purchase 3 PLC-110 Owen, perhaps more input-output modules;
4) carry out a sketch (draft) Design of 4 cases and make circuit diagrams;
5) to program the controller 3 or 3 bar at a relatively understandable algorithms substation;
6) deal with the interface part of the heat meter for integration with SCADA-system;
7) to carry out the installation of cable lines (pave Ethernet);
8) carry out the purchase of a computer, keyboard, mouse, and other components, to deliver all of this to the object;
9) go through (to make installation) of new equipment in 3 cabinets;
10) to carry out commissioning work is part of the equipment cabinets;
11) agree on the form and composition of the video frames in the system;
12) to create application software for SCADA-system;
13) pass the entire system into trial operation.
It is no secret that the facility serves the company Uniservice.
To get through to them, I had a conversation with the engineer of the company on how to program these controllers so that they (PLC) transmit information about Modbus TCP protocol.

To this has been answered, it is necessary to:
– Make a request for quotation to change the program code to implement the interface of the controller operation;
– Buy a gateway (interface converter) NovaNet – Modbus TCP (rather two).
Regarding its dispatch they said at once that the purchase of their dispatching systems for such small systems are not cost-effective, began to offer some kind of panel.
The obvious fact is that the customer more than 200 000 rubles for all the work, including equipment, never pay, and the customer complains that he has to pay 15 000 rubles for each company Uniservice, even short-term travel to the object.

Question: How do you see the fate of the object?

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