2. It is necessary to select the necessary variables from the Data Editor list and export the selected fragment to a file with the XVM extension (for further use by the OPC server);

3. Run OFS Configurator (Schneider Electric). Load the XVM and set it as shown in the figure. I did not go into the parameters. To create communication this is enough;


4. In order to receive data in MS Excel we need OPC Client to download from the Internet Cogent DataHub - //www.opcdatahub.com/Download.html

5. After installing Cogent DataHub, launch the shortcut on the desktop. The service appears in the tray;


6. Right-click the properties of the Cogent DataHub and set these options;


7. Configure OPC DA;


8. After clicking on OK, the OFS server will start automatically;

9. Using the Drag & Drop function, drag the selected data from the View Data list to the Excel (previously opened window). The variables on the server came from a list previously saved in the XVM file.


Data is updated fairly quickly with a cycle of no more than 500ms. With the data writing to the controller did not understand, but such a task and did not set. The task was to download the data from the controller's memory to the Excel table for later analysis. OFS itself, despite the absence of a license, has been working for a long time, I have never observed a connection failure, while I was experiencing it. Cogent DataHub operates in real time for an hour, after which it asks for a reboot.


#PLC,#SE, #ModbusTCP,#server,#OFS ,#OPCDA,#EXCEL

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