Software Engineer. Kazan

Rodionov Alexander Y.

year of birth 1979
address of residence: the city of Kazan
Kazan State University

Department of Physics
Speciality: radio physics and electronics
Defended at the Department: automation research and computers
He graduated in 2001

Education and certificates:
SIEMENS (2005., ST-7PRO1);
Training courses under the program “Industrial Automation. Converters for asynchronous motors and controllers programming standard to IEC 61131-3 “(2006.);
BECKHOFF (2007., Programming, Commission and Diagnosing the TwinCAT IEC 61131-3);
Training courses on the program “Drafting low-voltage systems, dispatching, automation and control engineering systems” (2011).

SP Rodionov AY
May 2015 – Present
Implementation of projects of automation of technological processes (definition of customer requirements, the development of TK, design, documentation, equipment selection, preparation of equipment specifications, selection of personnel for the project, programming, installation and commissioning, commissioning of the object).

The work involved in the project:
Automation of the production process of the leaven (Zelenodolsky Dairy Plant);
Automation ultrafiltration of milk (Zelenodolsky Dairy Plant);
Automation training and test benches (LLC “Dorit”, Kazan);
Create automation project packing line;
Upgrading software test bench refrigerators. POZIS, Zelenodolsk) SCADA: Genesis Controllers B&R.

LLC “EnergoPromIntegratsiya”
January 2013 – April 2014
Design automation systems. Software development for finished products manufactured at the plant. Development of design documentation.

The work involved in the project: 

Development of the project of automation of the fish plant;
Development of the project of automation of external water supply systems (B.Matyushino, Laishevsky region of Tatarstan);
The project “Development of the production of refrigeration POZIS based on energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technologies with the introduction of a hydrocarbon blowing agent, based on the coolant-pentane and isobutane» (POZIS, Zelenodolsk);
The project of automation control system of finished product, (Ford Sollers, Elabuga);
Upgrading the system software to control a gas boiler on the basis of PLC Siemens S7-1200 (JSC “Yadrinmoloko” of Yadrin)

UAB “Torus-Volga”
August 2008 – January 2013
Determination of customer requirements, development of technical specifications, design, execution of technical documentation, equipment selection, preparation of equipment specifications, installation and commissioning of projects of automation and control of technological processes.
Development of programs of technological equipment for industrial controllers Siemens of series! Logo, S7-200, S7-1200.
The work involved in the project:

Dispatching utilities Alabuga special economic zone;
Automation of pumping stations (Vodokanal, Kazan);
Automation elevator (EFES, Kazan);
Dispatching control (APC) of heating networks;
Dispatching metering;
The building management systems of the data center (DC);
Automation of acceptance of milk (Zelenodolsky Dairy Plant);
And other projects of automation of technological processes.

February 2005 – July 2008
Leading engineer of automatic process control systems (PCS)
Development, design, installation and commissioning of automation projects in manufacturing;
Development of automation systems bragorektifikatcii, cooking and undermining grain management systems conveyor lines, labeling machines;
Programming of industrial controllers Schneider (PL7, Unity), Siemens (STEP7), WAGO (CoDeSys), BECKHOFF (TwinCAT);
Development of technical project documentation;
Modernization of existing automation systems (increased productivity, improved quality characteristics, the development of new algorithms).

Zelenodolskaya heating network
June 2002 – January 2005
Automation engineer
design, construction, installation and commissioning of automation systems for heating stations (TP), controller-based PIC16F877;
development and implementation of systems for monitoring and collecting information from the TA on the basis of radio modems and GSM modems;
maintenance and repair of existing automation systems of heat points;
maintenance and repair of office machinery and computers.
In the course of the company were:
Studying the works of the family of controllers PIC, AVR;
Assembler programming languages ​​for microcontrollers and C;
software CorelDraw, AutoCAD.
During his time at the company was the author of more than seven innovations.

KNIIRE (Kazan Research Institute of Radio Electronics)

July 2001 – June 2002
the development of supporting software in Delphi;
Development of electrical schematics;
preparation of technical documentation for the finished products;
testing of finished products on the stands;
Professional skills:
Knowledge of the English language: a dictionary. Reading technical documents in English.
Good computer skills, knowledge of network technology, Internet.
CoDeSys, TwinCAT, Step7, TIA Portal, InTouch, WinCC, Genesis, Pro Tool, MasterSCADA, OPC, etc.
Windows, MS Office;
Corel Draw, Photoshop;
VB, Delphi, SQL, have experience of programming in VB.Net, C #;
Experience in programming microcontrollers: PIC, AVR;

36 years. Married. Two children (8 and 5 years old). I live in the Moscow district of Kazan. I do not smoke. Calm. Executive. There is a driver’s license (B, C) and a private car. Driving experience of 3 years.

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