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This article compares three different SCADA systems (ClearSCADA & CITECT & WINCC) in conjunction with mid-level simulators (PLCs). In the videos below are step-by-step instructions that allow you to configure the above software products for exchanging data with simulators using the Modbus protocol.

Having behind him the experience of working with InTouch, TraceMode, Masterskad, this task seems not too complicated and spurs purely technical interest. Three VMware Workstation Pro V12 virtual machines with Windows7 Professional 32bit, a ClearScada package, CITECT 8.0 (2016), WINCC 7.4, a Modbus simulator are used to implement it.


Installation. In fact, the distribution can be downloaded only on request from an authorized dealer for a specific object. During the self-mastering of the demo version of the software it becomes clear that not all drivers are available. When you run, it swears that there is not enough license, but does not specify which one. When installed in Full mode does not install all available drivers, Modbus must be added as an additional component.

Just want to note that since the request for ClearScada 2017 distributions a sense of a certain closeness and / or weak prevalence of this product has appeared. This opinion arises after the experience of independent search on the Internet for suitable examples. There are very few of them. What is recorded in the video clips posted to the network is inconsistent with the software components installed on my computer. That is, there are certain components on the video example, and there are not any in the installed software.

ClearScada 2017 is a brand of Schneider Electric, but the company itself does not sell, support and promote this software product on the Russian market. The exclusive supplier of the product is the company "PLC-Systems", it also provides technical advice for integrators of its products. I am not such an integrator, so I had to deal with it myself. It turned out not quite as it was originally planned to do. I was able to configure communication only via the Modbus over TCP protocol (planned Modbus TCP).

Final opinion: ClearScada - the uttermost horror. The interface is not intuitively understandable. Many auxiliary programs whose purpose is difficult to understand. Almost complete lack of documentation. Non-informative reference. Even training videos in the kit (4pcs) do not allow you to repeat the action due to the difference in the names of the drivers. Perhaps this is due to the change of releases, but this is neither hot nor cold.

CITECT 8.0 (2016):

Installation. Downloaded from, before installing, you need to add IIS services. The demo-version seems to be full-fledged, working for a limited time, which did not stop the connection.

The brand Citect 8.0 (2016) is also the property of Schneider Electric. The official distributor is the company of "RТsoft".

Final opinion: a kind of Russian-language interface, in which you initially get confused, since all the information is in English. There is documentation, but on older versions, in which another interface is described (the old one was more understandable). A good reference, an Australian approach is felt. A cool compiler with the location of the error and an understandable description. There are a lot of varieties of Modbus TCP (more than 10), which considerably complicates the choice of the necessary (MODNET1, MODNET10 or MODNET20), differences in the frame, addressing of registers, etc.  

WINCC 7.4:

Installation. Downloaded from the network, before installing, you must add IIS services. I encountered some problems with licensing through the EKB activator. With the Russian encoding at the stage of installation continually arisen krakozyabry, but the general sensation does not spoil it.

The WinCC brand is the property of SIEMENS. There are a lot of distributors in Russia. Final opinion: logical, intuitive interface. It is not necessary to be able to program at all, it can be a good start-up for students. A lot of accessible information in the form of manuals (in Russian, including), and answers on forums. There are almost no problems with working with the software product, except for trifles with the Russian encoding displayed on the mnemonic scheme ("??????" signs), but the solution is quickly found in the search engines.

Repeating the setup actions presented on the videos, you will be able to save some time during the initial development of the designated software products. If you find in the description of the inaccuracy or need additional clarification, at the bottom of the article there is a window for comments (feedback), I will try to answer all.

Step-by-step instructions for ClearSCADA 2017:

Step-by-step instruction for CITECT 2017:


Step-by-step instruction for WinCC 7.40:

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