Working on antiaccident site (traffic training area) originated the task of configuring communications between radar Falcon and Siemens controller. Radar had a few, and they were at a considerable distance – more than 100m from the cabinet to the controller.
The probability that someone will meet a similar problem connecting remote radar according to an arbitrary protocol to PLC Siemens CPU315-2PN / DP is quite small, but it is interesting and thus spread this article to learn.
Explanations should start with the block diagram:

Driving the radar connection to interface converter PSI-MOS-RS232 / fo850e:

Numbering schemes and the position of jumpers:

The baud rate must correspond to 9600, exhibited switch (highlighted in red), the table below describes the possible states

Treatment program:

Data from the radar without treatment in DB50. Data on 100 bytes. If everything is OK, then the first 4 bytes of each radar is the speed.

Next, the data is processed FC15 function and the output we get the velocity value in the variables in accordance with the interface PLC ARM.

If the speed is greater than 255 km / h or the radar came incorrect data, the value of the velocity at the outlet FC15 function is 0.

Also, the radar can detect the speed of approach is also distancing speed (come with a minus sign data). In this program there is no difference. The data is processed always as positive.

FC15 – here you can download the source code FC15

An important feature of the radar Falcon that he on any telegram does not answer and is the initiator of parcels telegrams in the presence of the exciting action (movement)

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