Software developer

Glytnev Yaroslav Aleksandrovich

30 years old (12/27/1985)
Searching for a job only in Ukraine
Key skills:
• 10 years of experience with automated systems and electrical equipment;
• knowledge of the process technology of various industries;
• management of the group of experts;
• 5th group of electrical;
• speak English (intermediate);
• self-setting and problem solving;
• able to work in team.

Ltd. “Utan”
2013-2015 Automation and dispatching pumping stations, heat supply facilities (boilers, heat exchangers)
Position: Head of IT department

• Guide project development of automated systems;
• Develop together with the customer technical specifications;
• Selection and approval of equipment used;
• PLC programming «Schneider Electric» (platform “Somachine”), "Owen" (Wednesday Codesys V2.3, V3) in the languages ​​of the standard 61131-3;
• Development of operator interfaces;
• Configuring industrial networks (Ethernet, RS-485 protocols are Modbus RTU / TCP), configure modems, routers, gateways, I / O signals, and so on. Etc .;
• Setting measuring instruments and automation;
• Nactroyka inverters (Altivar, Vacon, Danfoss, Moeller, Mitsubishi, Lenze, P-Drive, Siemens, and others.);
• Check the quality and accuracy of the installation work;
• Manual commissioning;
• Independent and safe conduct of commissioning works in electrical;
• Assessment of energy efficiency of electrical equipment;
• Implementation of operational documentation (instructions);
• Service support of automated systems.

Ltd. PSP “Azovinteks”
2008-2013 Commissioning of electrical equipment and automation in the steel and energy industries
Position: Engineer on adjustment and tests

The gas turbine power plant 2 x 150 MW, Alchevsk.
Poland automation equipment and electrical equipment (2012-2013 g)
• leadership in connecting to a distributed control system (3300 points IO), maintaining the progress reports;
• Working together with the staff of «Mitsubishi Corp.»
• Preparation of test methods algorithms equipment;
• Check and adjustment of the equipment of generating algorithms;
• Conduct test systems, machinery control unit in accordance with approved procedures;
• Carrying out the testing procedures emergency shutdown (ESD) power unit;
• Setting up and testing of regulators;
• Checking the measuring channels calibrator working with hart-, brain-communicator – Remote configuration of instrumentation;
• Validation / correction installation, verification of compliance functions instrumentation equipment and project;
• Implementation of the executive drawings (as built);
• Setting up control unit valves / valves (AUMA, Rotork, Limitorque et al.);
• Setting up a system of accurate time synchronization;

MQM (Dneprodzerzhinsk). Shestiruchevaya CCM; Ladle furnace.
Poland instrumentation and equipment, electrical equipment Poland (2010-2011 g)
• The input control means of measurement (verification, calibration);
• Validation / fix installation;
• Collaborate with programmers «Siemens FAI» verification signal APCS;
• Setting up automatic ventilation systems;
• Adjustment of automation of compressor installations Atlas Copco;
• Testing of electrical cable lines, electric motors, high-voltage cells / transformers, circuit breakers. Working with test facilities;

Alchevsk Iron and Steel. (Alchevsk).
Installation of pulverized coal injection in blast furnaces. (2010-2011 g)
Adjustment of the design documentation (project analysis);
Validation / fix installation;
Collaborate with the company «Küttner» verification signal APCS;
Setting up equipment instrumentation and automation, electric and pneumatic valves, positioners;
pre-installation testing of sensors, gas analyzers;
Adjustment of the microprocessor MPC gas analysis CO, CO2.

JSC “Mariupol. Ilyich ”
2005-2008 Workshop “Aglofabrika.” The plot of electrical equipment.
Service thyristor, frequency drive and automation
Position: Electrician on repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

• Setting up and maintenance of inverters;
• Service of thyristor converters;
• Service ACS agglomachines (platform Siemens Simatic S-300);
• Service ACS electrostatic precipitators (Sch. El. TSX Premium);
• Development of an automated conveyor control cabinets;
• Programmable logic relays «Zelio»;
• Installation scheme of control cabinets, commissioning of control cabinets.

Main: 2001-2005
Mariupol Mechanics Metallurgical College Azov State Technical University
specialty “Installation and operation of automation of electrical systems.” Associate’s degree (V / O).

Additional: Training courses: “Industrial Controls” Siemens “»,
“Frequency electric drive” (Ouch. Centre “Quantum»
“Devices of microprocessor protection” ABB REF “». Ouch. Center «ABB Ukraine”, Kiev. Certificates.

Marital status: married, has a son (8 years)
Business trips: ready passport
Bad habits are absent

#comissioningengeneer, #automatedprocesscontrolsystems, #ModbusRTU, #ModbusTCP, #Siemens, #SchneiderElectric, #P&IDDiagram, #PLC, #Codesys

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