Huawai B315S 4G for Life

There was such a problem – at the village for more than 10 years there was no Internet as such. This greatly complicated life, so we all became dependent on the Internet. Without it, you can not make a TKP on time, you do not have to look at the recipe, or you can not go to the remote object by the timerview. There was only one way out: to throw everything and move into the city. I tried many different options, repeaters and directional antennas. The most acceptable option was for me in 2014 – Skylink (CDMA), but it died as a given and the communication problem again became very relevant. The villa is located in the village of Alachkovo, Moscow region (Chekhov district). Cellular towers are located remotely, no closer than 10 kilometers from the settlement, so the choice of provider in these constrained conditions is complicated.

Now, I hope, all in the past. I became a happy owner of a super-robust router with a modem and my antennas – Huawei B315S-22 – (7200 rubles).





There was an option to go along the path of buying a new Skylink LTE-450, but after a little thought and polished the reviews, this option was discarded, accentuating its choice on equipment with the LTE (4G) index. The idea was scary – “how can 4G coverage (LTE), if we have a 3G coverage leaves much to be desired,” but got courageous and bought Huawai B315S-22. To turn to the help of “experts in GSM” did not, because you can figure it out yourself due to busting quite a lot of options. In order to have a complete picture of the providers in my region, I purchased five SIM-cards with mobile internet for the test. Priority was paid to tariff plans offering unlimited Internet:

    TELE2. “Orange” (100 rubles.).
MEGAFON. “Always online, 2.5 rubles per MB” (300 rubles + 50 rubles surcharge).
MTS. “My friend” (100 rubles.).
MTS. “Smart Unlimited” (200 rubles.).
Beeline. “All for 800” (pulled out of the smartphone).




The first test to test the equipment was conducted in Moscow using the site //

TELE2: 3G – 4G (not full). Ping 19ms. Download: 15,22 Mbps, Upload: 3,06 Mbps

MEGAFON: 4G (confidently). Ping 21ms. Download: 36,85 Mbps, Upload: 17,45 Mbps

MTS “My Friend”: 4G (confidently). Ping 23ms. Download: 18.42 Mbps, Upload: 9.23 Mbps

MTS “Smart Unlimited”: 4G (confident). Ping 16ms. Download: 23,67 Mbps, Upload: 14,53 Mbps

Beeline “All for 800”: 4G (confidently). Ping 27ms. Download: 14,31 Mbps, Upload: 7,37 Mbps

The second test was conducted in the region, on site, using the same site //

TELE2: 3G (full). Ping 30ms. Download: 24,64 Mbps, Upload: 3,45 Mbps

MEGAFON: 4G (confidently). Ping 45ms. Download: 7,63 Mbps, Upload: 0,54 Mbps

MTS “My Friend”: 4G (confidently). Ping 18ms. Download: 10,99 Mbps, Upload: 4,78 Mbps

MTS “Smart Unlimited”: 4G (confident). Ping 20ms. Download: 9,02 Mbps, Upload: 4,36 Mbps

Beeline “All for 800”: 4G (two divisions). Ping 34ms. Download: 4,95 Mbps, Upload: 4,16 Mbps


TELE2: the provider has an incomprehensible technical support service, – could not give a clear answer to the questions asked, sent “to read on the site.” At the test, the traffic was 75 mb (1.33 rubles / mb). Pages, despite the speed indicators, opened sluggishly. Youtube never started.

MEGAFON: managed to make several tests. Youtube and other sites did not even have time to open, money ended right before our eyes. I had to finish 50 rubles. But after the request of // “they ate” and they. There was a feeling that something was “wrong” with the megabytes counting from the provider. According to the technical support application, I spent 140 mb of traffic. In general, I put a fat minus.

MTS “My friend”: Excellent sites, Youtube, forums, almost at home. Skype is working. The tests spent 71 mb.

MTS “Smart Unlimited”: Excellent sites, Youtube, forums, almost at home. Skype is working. The tests spent 98 MB.

Beeline “All for 800”: Excellent sites, Youtube, forums are opened, almost like at home. Skype is working. The tests spent 153 mb.

Thus, the speed parameters can be misleading. We need to open websites and watch how it loads and works. I recommend the router. I will be glad if my article will benefit you.

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