Converter MODBUS RTU in SNMP v.2

There is a task to interrogate 16 HUAWEI PDU2000 devices using the Modbus RTU protocol and transmit the data to the network via the SNMP protocol.
HUAWEI PDU2000 have internal diagnostics that are well implemented on the Modbus RTU protocol, show voltages, currents and other parameters.
The protocol converter HD67164-485-A1 was issued for development
From the site ADFWEB.COM downloaded the program Compositor SW67164, began to understand.
It seems that there is complicated? I read the document, I repeated it and rejoice. However, I note that I do not recall that a device has been so difficult to master in the past 18 years. A masterpiece of mystery and raspusnutosti, at least for me.
From the remarks:
1. The Manual Guide to this protocol converter is available in English only, 42 pages, which is really small. There is a lot of water, but in fact, very little that can be useful when mastering the device. A peculiar Italian joke.
2. Everything started with the IP change. At first, I could not jump off the default address. After a long reading into the document and communication with the Italians from the technical support, I realized that the converter is very demanding for reboots on power. There's a whole tricky procedure. It is necessary first to switch the jumper into the configuration mode, then to load with the necessary IP, then return the jumper to the place, restart the device
3. There are many different browsers that allow reading SNMP, but I strongly advise you not to bother with it, because of the various trivia and tricks that the system will not exchange data. I recommend using this: iReasoner MIB Browser
4. An important feature of the Modbus address table is limited to 512 lines. More can not be entered. The SNMP address table is limited to 256 lines. That is, if you need to interrogate 16 devices on the bus, then more than 16 registers you will not be able to get. I managed to understand this completely "afterwards", after processing the XML files.
Then I will try to explain the settings in a consistent manner, as is. Without explanation. So, how it works for me. Connected at the moment to the input module Owen MV110-8A
Here he just hangs. To disable the program you need to independently click multiple times on the "cross"
Do not forget to disable Windows Firewall
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