Incoms SPB. Distributor of components

INCOMS company expresses its respect to the young design organization and offers cooperation in the field of supply of industrial, electrical and other equipment, components and spare parts of Siemens, Phoenix, Woodward, Schneider and many other popular manufacturers, as well as the whole range of additional devices (contracts in Germany) and modules for solving the problems of automation of production in all sectors of the economy.

Incoms company has existed for more than 10 years, the head office is in Berlin, since July 2013 the Russian office - Incoms SPb (a subsidiary company) operates. Thanks to modern and high-quality supplied equipment, we carry out not only the provision of industrial equipment and components, but also solve energy saving and production efficiency problems.

Our advantages:
· Prompt processing of orders,

· Delivery of equipment in the shortest possible time,

· Flexible system of discounts for regular partners,

· Individual approach to each order proceeding from needs and tasks,

· Provision of materials and raw materials,

· The possibility of obtaining equipment from a conservation and discontinued operation,

· Selecting an alternative for obsolete products,

· Supply of industrial equipment to the conditions of door to door,

· Logistic support during the entire process of the order,

· Full guarantee of the delivered products.

Considering long-term operational experience, our company is ready to offer products of the world's leading equipment manufacturers for the best conditions for your company. Our specialists will answer your questions and applications as soon as possible and select the necessary products.
We have concluded distribution contracts with Mitsubishi Electric and Panasonic. Long-standing partnerships with Siemens (Germany) have developed. Due to the well-organized logistics at the enterprise, we can offer the best offers for many brands. Terms of delivery - DDP, EXW. The delivery time is 1-2 weeks without taking into account the manufacturer's terms. A deferred payment or partial prepayment is possible (discussed individually).
The main suppliers are Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric, IDEC, ABB, MENNEKES, Allen-Bradley, Keyence, Jumo Baumüller, Balluff, HUBER + SUHNER, Weldmuller, Samsung, IFM, Keyence, KEB, Klauke, Lenze, Sick, Lampertz, Legrand, Carlo, Gavazzi, Landis, Gyr, LG, Lemo, Orientalmotor, Crouzet, Minolta, Omron, Schrack, Danfoss, Osram, Panasonic, Schneider, Festo, Regin, Sassin, Krohne, Hitachi, SBC, SMC, Turck, Phoenix contact, Wago , Wika, Rittal, Honeywell, Glenair, Woodward. Russian version

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