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This article offers those who master the classic InTouch R14, a step-by-step instruction on setting up communication with devices using the Modbus TCP protocol. I’ll try to explain those features of the settings that can put a novice developer in a difficult situation.


1. Licensing
The company Klinkmann supports developers of their products, issuing full, but temporary licenses, each of which operates a little less than a month. After the expiration of this period both the development system and runtime stop working. It is required to repeatedly request and update license files.
Usually three files are issued. All of these must be installed in the ArchestrA License Manager. It looks like this:

ArchestrA License Manager

The absence of a license or an incorrectly installed license may be the cause of the lack of communication. After installing the license, it is desirable to reboot.
2. Download and install the integration package Server DA (DASMBTCP)



Detailed configuration instructions in the video:

3. As an emulator of the MODBUS TCP operation, I usually use the product from Modbus Tools (Modbus Pool & Modbus Slave)

Modbus Tools

Immediately configure the data exchange to make sure that everything we have is working with the Modbus TCP protocol and data is being exchanged.
ID is set to 255. Otherwise it will not work. Where to change this value in driver properties – yet did not find. If your Slave device has a different ID, then the working connection will not be achieved.
We disable the Modbus Pool, we do not need the port to be busy at the beginning of the connection.
4. Configure the Server DA driver (DASMBTCP)





Pay attention to the port number (for example, indicated 503)!



Here we form a common list of tags that will exchange data with the PLC


Help describes the signs that we can specify for correct data retrieval
5. Indication of parameters on video frame
We go in WindowMaker


Create an Access Name that will be associated with our topic and server

Access Name

Next, create the required number of tags associated with the Access Name

Tag name

Tag name

Next on the video frame create a dynamic text

Динамический текст

Linking (linking) it with the tag we need

Link tag

Link Tag

6. Run the system Online (Runtime)
If there is no error anywhere, values similar to those in the Modbus Slave


I experimented a bit with disabling the drivers manually. I found out that when communication is lost, the values remain on the screen without changing, without giving out any indication of an error. This is certainly not suitable for the work of the industry. I will look for how to implement otherwise, for example, the replacement of values by the signs of the lattice. I will supplement this article later, when I find a solution

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