iRidium iPad example of autorization

This video example shows the authorization solution for PLC110 (OWEN) from iPad with preinstalled Iridium Mobile (iRidium Mobile).
The authorization is created as follows: the variable (Integer) bound to buttons and variables in the PLC are linked by the Modbus TCP driver. When you press the enter buttons, this variable is set to a number, and when released, it is reset to zero.

The controller writes a sequence of input numbers to an array of values ​​and compares with an array of key values. If the combination converges, then it generates an event by which an event is generated to call a pop-up window or any other action.

In accordance with this event, the iRidium Mobile script understands which pop-up
the window must be opened (Greetings to Vyacheslav). Thus, we inform the user that the correct user is logged in.

Further exit to the control frame.In total, 4 variables are used:
Increment: INT; (* Running yellow fireflies on password screen *)
Increment1: INT; (* Running triangles on main frame *)
Password: WORD; (* Send the logged in user code to the panel *)
MW0: WORD; (* Command-codes of buttons when entering a password *)

PLC code:

Password input algorithm

Panel code (you will need to replace the extension with * .irpz):

  Code Iridium Mobile

Simular LINK

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