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This article is not about automation, but about the difficulties of a beginner entrepreneur in Moscow. To some, it will seem funny, but to others it may be useful.
Sooner or later, we all have the feeling that we can achieve something more in relation to what we have at the moment. I wanted to open my own business for a long time, it only remained to determine the goals and details.
As an epilogue to this article, I want to briefly describe the background. For a long time (about 15 years) I have worked for many companies. The work record book is chubby. Working for different companies allowed me to understand many important nuances. These are mines, and large hotels, and nuclear power plants, and brick factories, and, damn it, ships and poultry farms. Everywhere I was either an industrial controller programmer or a manager.

Establishment of an LLC with a general tax regime

Working in different companies, I looked closely at different leaders, hoping to understand how, in fact, these people differ from me, a simple performer.
Revealed such their qualities as charisma, confident look, correctly delivered speech, competence in different areas of activity, erudition and ability to resolve conflict situations. Over time, I realized that I had acquired most of these qualities. There was a stimulus for action.
What exactly prompted me to open a company with a general tax regime?
1. The majority of serious partners are ready to work with such LLC. Due to the peculiarities of reporting for paid and received funds, few people agree to cooperate with an individual entrepreneur or, even more so, with a self-employed person.
2. The response time to inquiries from potential Customers should be minimal. Before starting my own company, I had to ask for the help of partners who have a company in order to make a commercial offer on their behalf. As a result, an unacceptably large amount of time was spent for the answer and the Customer “left”.
3. I did not create the company alone, but with a partner. The person I trusted was ready to take on the responsibility for reporting issues, so it wasn't that scary. He expressed a desire to be the CEO, which I saw as a good chance to share common risks with him.

On the third point, however, there was an opportunity. The partner, after some “hungry time” of searching for orders, decided to sell his share and go to work in a stable company as an employee.
Well, I thought, so much effort and money has already been spent on the discovery. The re-registration of the company with the sale of shares turned out to be quite troublesome and costly, however, the bureaucratic path passed gave a useful experience.

It's time for reporting.

Reporting must be submitted to at least three places: the Federal Tax Service, the Social Insurance Fund, and the Pension Fund. There is also reporting to Rosstat, but it is rarely submitted, you just need to remember to track the need to submit a corresponding report on the official website. All these organizations, as a rule, are geographically located in different parts of the city, are not connected with each other in any way. There is no single window for consultation and acceptance of documents. It is necessary to clearly understand which department / service should be contacted and which documents to submit, without violating the rules for their registration and deadlines for submission. Otherwise, fines are inevitable, which is very sensitive for a company that does not make a profit.

What difficulties did we face?

At the first stage of reporting, there was a minimal understanding of it. I did not know specific forms, terms. Therefore, for the delivery of the first reports, I decided to hire an accountant. Of course, she completed all the documents without errors, but she cheated with reporting to the Pension Fund. She said that the company has no turnover, so there is no need to send monthly reports to the fund.
I came to the Pension Fund to submit an annual report and said that my young company is not making a profit yet. An employee of the Pension Fund told me that in this case it was necessary to submit "zero" reports. Then she looked at the documents and said that a fairly large amount of fines had run over in six months.

The Pension Fund is the most vicious organization.

The Federal Tax Service is a more or less normal organization, although it also spent a lot of travel before something worked out.

The Social Security Fund is the only place where I've been forgiven a couple of times. Otherwise, I would also have to pay a fine.


Filing reports (when you are just starting out) is like driving through an unfamiliar metropolis, where you do not know the route of movement, the markings are specially applied with provocations, and the traffic rules are constantly changing. It is necessary to constantly monitor changes in legislation, which looks like looking for a grain of gold in a gutter, especially if you do not have a tendency to self-torture. In this situation, the probability of getting into fines is almost one hundred percent.

We decided to hand over the second stage of reporting on our own. The list of documents for delivery was found in the collection of the legal framework and on the Internet. Forms of documents were found in legal databases, there were also instructions for their registration, on the Internet - samples of filling out for example. The timing required special attention. Each document has its own deadline, and these deadlines do not always coincide with each other.

Hiring a good accountant is expensive, and you need to trust, using the services of a beginner is almost the same as understanding a new specialty step by step. Despite the fact that this work has nothing to do with programming, design, commissioning, it is no less valuable, no less difficult and dangerous. Therefore, I want to express my public gratitude to my wife Lapshina Anna Nikolaevna for the fact that she was able to retrain from a lawyer to an entry-level accountant, and, thereby, saved the young company from liquidation.

Subsequently, we turned to the services of cloud-based Internet accounting - it became much easier to keep track of reporting deadlines and keep accounting.

At the moment 03/20/2021 we use the accounting service "My Business". We refused from the incoming accountant, since we do not want to depend on a specific person.

Currently, I am studying 1c-Bitrix, PHP, sites have to be maintained independently, otherwise you are exposed to the influence of someone else's human factor.

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