MOORE Process Automation Solutions

MOORE Process Automation Solutions
Industrial Automation Integrated Solutions

APACS + Distributed Control System
QUADLOG (TUV AK4 – AK6) safety system
Procidia – small and medium object management system
Control room and field controllers

Слайд2XTS Smart sensors and regulators of sensors, sensors for critical applications
Electrical, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic positioners
Electro and pneumoelectric converters
A wide range of pneumatic equipment

Experience in various sectors

Sectors: Energy, Petrochemicals and Gas Processing Oil
Mining and Oil and Gas Transport Metallurgy
Continuous, discrete and batch process
Systems of fire detection and control of gas concentration
critical process management

Слайд5Processes and systems:
Leaders choose the best

emergency protection system (SIS, Locks)
fire detection system and gas control
The control system (distributed)
Register Alarm Control Management

Generalized structure of the industrial facility automation systems
APACS + and / or QUADLOG Network TCP / IP
ProcessSuite Vision (servers) MODULNET
ESD Control and processing facility

Servers / Clients Process Suite
Process Suite Historian PS Batch PS Web
Intranet APACS + client and / or QUADLOG redundant network TCP / IP

Слайд8Automated process control systems
ProcessSuite Vision
ProcessSuite Historian
ProcessSuite Batch
ProcessSuite Web
Intranet ProcessSuite

Слайд11Слайд12Corporate network
Communication with the control system of enterprise management system
ProcessSuite Vision
ProcessSuite Servers
ProcessSuite Historian or ProcessSuite Batch
SAP R / 3 Enterprise
Resource Planning
ProcessSuite Web
Intranet TCP / IP
Enterprise Link
Security and Critical Control QUADLOG

Слайд13Certificate TÜV AK6 highest safety and reliability
A full-featured controller
Architecture with redundant and non-redundant.
Control and security system system

Слайд14Слайд15The main object of the emergency protection system is the translation process to a safe state when the output of the process parameters for the established boundaries.
The process control system (PCS) Reactor Inputs Outputs

Слайд16Safety system (SIS)
Inputs Outputs Levels industrial design protection

The automated control system of object

Слайд17Слайд18Alarms, operator intervention
Safety system
Physical protection (weakening of Hazards)
Protective structures (dams, canals, reservoirs)
enterprise security services
Security Events
Safety Integrity Levels
Levels in accordance with DIN 19250 Levels (TUV)
S84 Not in process industries
risk reduction factor
Required Safety Integrity Level

Слайд19Severity status
Probability of a dangerous condition
Very likely Probably Unlikely
How is the Safety Integrity Level

Слайд20Field-hardened Design Fault Avoidance

Слайд21Protection Components
Metal Housing
High Temp Specs
Conformal Coating
Rugged Guide Rail
Protects against: surges and ESD


Field-hardened Design Fault Avoidance

Metal Housing
Protects against: abuse, surges, RFI
Field-hardened Design Fault Avoidance

Metal Housing
High Temp Specs
Tested above 70°C standard
Field-hardened Design Fault Avoidance

Слайд23Metal Housing
High Temp Specs
Conformal Coating
Seals out moisture and corrosion — STANDARD!


Field-hardened Design Fault Avoidance

Metal Housing
High Temp Specs
Conformal Coating
Rugged Tracking Plate
Guards against vibration


Field-hardened Design Fault Avoidance

Metal Housing
High Temp Specs
Conformal Coating
Rugged Guide Rail
Pin and Socket Connectors
Assures alignment, reduces pin damage

Слайд26TUV (VDE0801 / A1) does not test:

Superior heat sink
Integrated simultaneous resistance
the effects of various aggressive factors
electrostatic discharge
The corrosion resistance in aggressive media
Cast housing – protection against unforeseen impacts
Full diagnostics

Слайд27Слайд28More than 1,000 different diagnostic tests
Diagnosis of external circuits, channels, individual elements, modules, communications, software
All diagnostic messages are automatically recorded and stored
The online mode is provided description of the problem and recommended actions
Diagnostic messages

Слайд29HMI Interface:
APACS ProcessSuiteTM
APACS Process Supervisor
Factory Link
The Fixx etc.
4-mationTM and / or Diagnostic Logger
MS Excel TM Operator Panel
Working in master / verified

Слайд30Слайд31TÜV approval to DIN 19250 (AK6)
FM for Class I Div. 2 Hazardous Locations
FM certification to IEC 61508 (SIL3)
UL 508
CSA for Class I Div. 2 Hazardous Locations
Conforms to EC EMC/low voltage directive
ABS Approval

Stability Safety Equipment

Слайд32Слайд33Temperature Humidity Vibration Impacts electrical impulses
Electrostatic discharge RF interference
Resistance to external factors
Voltage Dropping Network
Voltage reference during test
Inside of CDM Module

Слайд34Testing of the input circuits on the break and short circuit, “sticky”, check the input voltage levels, etc.
The pulse duration of 200 microseconds are used to switch and check the correct operation of the input circuit.
Testing of input circuits
Test Pulses to Output Switches
Diagnostic Cutoff Switch
CDM module
Surge Protection


The outputs are tested for break and short circuit, “sticky”, voltage levels, etc. are checked
200mks pulse duration are used to switch and check the correct operation of the equipment.
Testing the output circuits
The control relay
The diagnostic cut-off relay
H Relay Monitor
Caretaker. timers
Fuse Output key

Слайд37Слайд38Слайд39Monitor output circuits
I / O circuits to protect output
N Fuse
power Monitor
Protected outputs QUADLOG provide additional means of disconnection from supply voltage.
Protected outputs QUADLOG XTC pressure sensor for critical applications


Certified by TUV (AK4, AK6)
High reliability and safety
Based on technology
Duplication of equipment and software
Extensive self ProcessSuite


The integrated package configuration, diagnostics and operator interface creation.
4-mation – flexible means of configuring the control algorithms and diagnostic equipment
VISION – a powerful tool for the creation of human-machine interface
HISTORIAN – relational database real-time data
WEB – means of access to process data via the Internet / Intranet

SAFETY MATRIX – configuration tool emergency protection algorithms

Слайд44Flexible Universal Configurator 4-mation configuration 4 programming language (IEC-1131-3):
Function Blocks (FB)
Logic (relay) charts (LL)
Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
Structured Text (ST)
configuration and diagnostics APACS and QUADLOG.

Слайд45Multifunctional operator GUI VISION
Display and control parameters of current and historical trends mapping and registration of alarms advanced graphics and animation HISTORIAN
A relational database is a real-time high-speed storage of information efficient use of disk space
support temporary data properties
flexible, open access to data using SQL (SQL support and ODBC applications) complementary client applications Ease of Use
Configuration tools, testing and documentation systems PAZ QUADLOG SAFETY MATRIX convenient means of documenting
Automatic generation of the controller configuration
Automatic configuration change when you change the matrix
A significant reduction in the cost of development and maintenance PAZ

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