Password PLC (breaking)

According to my personal statistics of processing appeals, a large number of them, is connected with some form of economic struggle between the Customer and the Contractor.

Integrators often close the source code with a password, thereby saving their form of intellectual labor from modification or copying. Sometimes they install attachments of the timer type for ten years.

The customer quietly uses the equipment, and at a certain date, begins to tear his hair.

So, as I myself am an integrator, I think that it is impossible to work and hand over objects like this. If you have been paid money, so be kind enough to transfer the source code to a nondisclosure subscription or other legal procedures.

In any case, if you do not break with the price, work with the proper quality, then no sane Customer will change you.

At the moment, we have the competence in the group to "open" the password from the controllers Siemens (S7), Omron, Mitsubisi, for PLCs that have removable memory modules.

How to obtain a password on the Siemens PLC:

    You must remove the MMC card.
    Insert to external card reader
    Special software (do not upload) reads Dump memory
    When loading this Dump in a specialized program, data processing takes place, which returns the value of the password


Output of the result

If among the readers of this article there are persons with competences not listed in the article on hacking of such protections, please do not remain silent and respond. It makes sense to keep each other's contacts, for solving problems requiring your competence

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