House perimeter security with Owen equipment

I attended the Owen company workshop on the implementation of the tasks of remote dispatching of electric power facilities based on SCADA Telemechanics Light (event protocols). A very interesting practical course, allows you to better understand the capabilities of the product.

Among the visitors to the course, he met the owner of a smart home, who independently collects and programs most of his automation systems using Owen equipment. This also confirms my personal interest in the subject of telemechanics for remote dispatching of smart homes. Telemechanics Light is a really good way to dispatch any remote object with an acceptable price / quality ratio.
However, this article is about another. In communication with the owner, he found out that he does not know how to best make a security alarm system on his Owen equipment for his building.
I worked on this issue before and will gladly share it.
It is based on using the capabilities of the analog signal 0-2000 Ohm module MV110-8A. This module has a pretty decent list of possible connections. It works confidently on a large number of objects 24/7 and is quite suitable for these purposes, if there are no certification requirements. Thus, it is possible to create a table of values ​​showing which particular combination of window reed switches is in the open state. A guard beam function is provided, as diagnostics for short circuit and open circuit are provided due to the installation of resistors at the beginning and end of the circuit.

The cost of the security kit presented is approximately 10 tr (not including the cost of installation, wires, reed switches, subceiling cabinet). Allows you to create eight separate guard beams, on each beam up to four windows or up to eight reed switches. This solution on the MV110-8A module will fit up to about 32 windows / doors.


If you can supplement this somehow, I will be glad to post your comment at the bottom of the page

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