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The purpose of this article is a simplified explanation of connecting four strain gauges arranged on the traverse to the weighing module Schneider Electric TSXISPY101.

The design looks like this:


Driving one strain gauge is as follows:


Driving connection of four sensors is as follows:





Configuring the weighing module TSX ISP Y101 (Premium Schneider Electric)


Factory Manual in English from Schneider Electric takes about 160 pages and is not a simple document. It is necessary to go into the essence of the hardware switch, take into account the polarity.

In our measurement scheme uses four load cells connected in parallel in accordance with the standard wiring diagram for a manual. Our goods that we need to measure in the range from 0 to 1,000 kg. This required the installation of four strain gauge sensor (250kg each) are connected in parallel through Jung Box.

If you pay attention to the feature of the sensors, their shoulders, bridges and power polarity, we will see a sufficient number of degrees of freedom for committing errors. It happened in our country. The mounting assembly of the organization held on schemes in which there were no explaining the structural features of the connection, as a result of the installation had to adjust with the NDP. It is extremely important to check the output voltage from each load sensor. There should be some volts below 10V entering the sensor itself and so with everyone. Only then it is necessary to combine them according to the polarity.

Another difficulty identified was the difficulty in mastering the module calibration, since not been able to determine the zero value (calibration page option). The data on the ADC continually changed from minus into a plus, it is not possible to determine the zero calibration value. Empirically we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to rest rope hoists to the surface, even if slightly. This helped to stabilize the value of the weighing module. And so it did. It turned out successfully without warnings.

Then, when it was fixed at zero conditional, it was suspended from the maximum possible load and fixed its position as a maximum.

In general, nothing complicated, if you know everything in advance.

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