WinCC OA. Scada of New way in Automation

In February 2017 he studied unique in its own way the SCADA system WinCC OA.

Course very much. It reveals the underlying mechanisms of constructing the system in this product. The product is very flexible and incorporates the most advanced and progressive ideas of automation of large distributed objects.

From advantages: excellent flexibility and customizability. Good tag library, where you can immediately see the current values ​​received. A large number of different add-ons, both mobile and connected with the distribution of work.

Among the shortcomings: the complexity of the software, the emphasis on skill Developer SCADA package to program in C #

I express my gratitude to the company’s SMS-Automation Samara, for the quality of training provided by the material and practical exercises.

I was pleased with.

It should be noted that for the full development of any product, you need hands-on experience with a similar system. I very much hope that the practice will not be much lag for obtaining knowledge about the product.




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