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Manufacturers have their own production site, they make boards themselves, assemble modules themselves, although of course all the elementary base is ...
IP addresses and IP networks. One of the tasks of the network layer is to provide scalability, to build a network that can work on a global scale. To ...
We set up PID control according to the cascade control scheme for the supply and exhaust system. The slow circuit regulates the air circuit, the fast ...
There is some serviceable used equipment that he intends to sell. If you are not satisfied with the cost, write what would suit
In this article I share an interesting solution implemented in a smart home. Can be used as a technical task for students to write a term paper
Creation of a VPN tunnel, for a possible remote connection with the controller to monitor the process and make adjustments
Dmitry Karageur shared simple rules on how not to get into trouble when developing smart home systems
Described in the article the first experience of interaction with the Masterskada 4D program for programming controllers. Expressed his personal opini...
The code is executed on the CASE statement, which is convenient for the implementation of the state machine
Created a step-by-step instruction for those who have trouble connecting OWEN devices. I tried to explain in detail the features and specifics of such...