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The customer went on a business trip for a long time (more than 1 month). Her young child had to stay in the apartment with a nanny. In order ...
There are a sufficient number of various brands of SCADA systems of domestic and foreign development on the automation market, and their number is gro...
I will try to explain, if possible, in my own words, what is SMIS, SSP SMIS, SMIK, SUKS.
The task was to interrogate 16 HUAWEI PDU2000 devices using the Modbus RTU protocol and transfer data to the network for IT specialists using the SNMP...
Features of work in an interview with a power supply design engineer
This article compares three different SCADA systems (ClearSCADA&CITECT&WINCC) in conjunction with mid-level simulators (PLCs). The vid...
In this article I will explain the creation of a self-programming interface, based on a software modernization project for a traffic police emergency ...
Those who simultaneously work with a large number of PLC and SCADA brands sooner or later face the fact that there is not enough competence
If necessary, the loads on the heating point are determined (if necessary, the necessary calculations are made). After collecting all the nece...
Provision of services for organizing access to the PLC. Appears on a contractual basis