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For a long time, in order to provide remote communication with an object during commissioning, it was necessary to use a personal computer as a means ...
Creation of a control and management system for an ionizing irradiator
Implementation of the task of printing the date, product code and footage on a moving tape
I share positive emotions from the used network equipment HUAWEI router B315S at remote sites where there were previously problems with communication
The development of this system was complicated by the fact that there was no clear understanding of the entire mechanical part of the project
In accordance with the industrial safety rules for tank farms and oil product warehouses (PB 09-560-03), any pumps and pumping stations must b...
The purpose of this article is to create a step-by-step instruction for mastering the configuration of the built-in Modbus driver in the WinCC OA scad...
He was trained in the unique WinCC OA SCADA system. I liked the course very much. It reveals the basic mechanisms for building a system on a given pro...
The exclusive right, enshrined in the provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (CC RF), determines who exactly has the right to ...
As a result of the practice of interaction with various designers, he determined for himself a convenient style for designing automation cabinets. An ...