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An article dedicated to the history of the development of our site and our company. I didn’t have time to deal with the site, but it’s very in vain, s...
Setting up communication between the Phalcon radar and the Siemens CPU315-2PN/DP PLC using an arbitrary protocol
The purpose of this article is to explain how to connect four strain gauges placed on a traverse to a Schneider Electric TSXISPY101 weighing module
The customer and the integrator met. They began to work out the terms of reference, the composition of possible wishes for the creation of a system fo...
Let's say you got a rather complicated mathematical task for working with a large amount of data, and the task for industrial purposes must be per...
At the moment, a demanded service in the automation market is the legal examination of contracts for the creation / modernization of automated control...
At one of the objects remote from the center, an extremely unstable GSM connection was observed, while remote access was needed for programming
This article describes the experience of initializing and assigning IP addresses to the Scalance smart communicator and the ET200S distributed periphe...
This article will discuss the main characteristics of the Modbus protocol
In Europe, under the OWEN brand, the AKYTEC brand is being promoted, in fact the same equipment that has certificates for use in the region