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If we imagine that the process variable will be near the trigger limit, the phenomenon of “bounce” (short transitions back and forth beyond the th...
One of the most important components of a mining enterprise is the life support system for people with air directly located in the mine, located hundr...
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MOORE Process Automation Solutions Industrial Automation Solutions APACS+ Complete Solutions QUADLOG Distributed Control System (TUV AK4 – AK6...
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The unit supports the possibility of supplying additional impulses to those pieces of equipment that, for one reason or another, could not turn on imm...
A short story about buying a car for a company
Process inputs and generates the digital and analog outputs needed to control a fan with speed control. The operation of the fan at low speeds is not ...
Model for describing the algorithm for controlling shut-off valves with limit switches for the positions of the device and the clutch (state machi...