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DALI drivers - overview of manufacturers

Ballasts DALI

Brands The country The supplier Opinions
OSRAM Germany Moscow, st. Letnikovskaya, 11/10, building 1
+7 495 935 70 70
contact form on the
And OSRAM, for example, is different, there is a fake from China, and sometimes (more often) it’s normal, the same from China, you need to look at the price. Probably not cheap.
Ligting solutions Germany LLC Smart Lamps: Moscow, st. Dokukina 10/39 Market Union LLC Moscow, st. Dokukina 10/6  
HELVAR Finland Helvar JSC: Sadovnicheskaya embankment, 79, 3rd floor Sales: Vladislav Koshelev  Тел. +7 (903) 11 987 11
Technical support:
Maxim Sviridov
+7(903)159 73 62
Helvar is so-so. For 5-7 years, a lot has failed. Helvar states that only their hardware should be used to ensure compatibility.
TCI Italy Light Shop Distributor Tel 333-3467754


Moscow, Sergey Makeev Street, 13 Marr Plaza Business Center Tel: +7 495 9379300 I tested MeanWell and Philips LED ballasts. MeanWell does not determine the state of the LEDs (always writes OK). Philips determines correctly (at least tearing off the LEDs from the ballast).
SUNDRAX Russia Moscow, st. Letnikovskaya, house 11/10, building 1, entrance 6 Sales department:
+7 (495) 797-32-18
Technical support service: 8 800 250-58-25
Lutron USA Moscow, st. Pravda, 8-13 +7(495)649-60-94
Lutron has both fluorescent ballasts and dali compatible led drivers. For Led, this is 0.1-100% with smooth ignition and adjustment over the entire range. Choice of voltage (pwm) or current (pwm /ccr). For current range 200mA-2A in 10mA steps up to 50W. Voltage 0.1-100% power up to 96W.
HDL China Moscow, st. Privolnaya, d.70 The territory of the business center "Zhulebino", office 827  But we carry them under the order. The quality is not bad. With DALI only fluorescent lamps
TRILUX Germany

Moscow st. Krasnopresnenskaya-7
+7 495 792-53-74
+7 495 792-53-02

st. Nikolaevskaya  28/60
+7 495 989 29 10
+7 495 989 29 10 - expensive as a polar fox, but real German quality. Both beautiful and high quality. With Dali, they have everything on the ointment, you can say their own protocol.
MeanWell Taiwan Kompel LLC Moscow, st. Derbenevskaya, 1, building 6, entrance 1 (building 6), 2nd floor
+7 (495) 995-0901
+7 (495) 995-0902
We have MeanWell LCM-40DA (40 W) LED ballasts in armstrongs in our office. Not a single complaint in a year. But the real state of the LEDs is not returned (although it may already be fixed in the new release).
K-Moon China Representation in Kazakhstan  
Tridonic Austria Tridonic Rep. Office Russia
Tel: +7 903 199 8562

First mile
st. Butlerova, 17
117638 Moscow Russia
Tel: +7 495 960-31-59
Fax: +7 495 960-31-59

Pivot point
125080 Moscow, Fakultetsky lane, 12
Tel.: (495) 786-6251
fax: (495) 626-9796
Tridonik I saw outwardly looks very solid, but with Tridonik Sasha Timanov somehow got bogged down, and the Germans themselves didn’t see the weight at point-blank range. Gear on the previous device (2009) did not recommend tridonic. Now it's kind of (it's better to check with the tech support of the gear) has changed. No problem.
Vimar Италия Avanti Group of Companies: Moscow, 18 Andropov Ave., bldg. 5, 16th floor
+7 (499) 704-33-63,
+7 (499) 403-15-89
+7 (499) 704-25-09,
+7 (495) 134-25-04
Moons China Contacts
They have a wide range of powerful DALI drivers.
As well as drivers with programmable output current. But with delivery problems.
eldoLED The Netherlands

eldoLED B.V.

Science Park Eindhoven 5125

5692 ED Son

The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)40 7820400

F: +31 (0)40 7820401


 Arlight China Moscow, Nakhimovsky pr-t, 24 building 4 (on the territory of the expo building 6 pavilion), office 310

I took samples for testing myself. All is well with them. Lack of feedback from devices (checking for coils), some whistle from dimmers. 
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