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Flea market

There is some serviceable used equipment that he intends to sell.

You can offer your own price if you think it is more fair.

The sold equipment has a one-week warranty. I think this is enough time to check the functionality.

TP-1250 74503RTP-1250 74503R

1. PCI card TP-1250 74503R. For a dispatching computer involved in projects where the LON protocol is used.

Buy in Moscow: 10000 rub. 

750-430, 750-430, 750-603, 750-604

2. WAGO I/O modules

750-430, 750-430, 750-603, 750-604

Buy in Moscow: I sell the whole set 2000 rub. 

Scalance X-204-2

3. Industrial ethernet switch Siemens Scalance X-204-2

204-2BB10-2AA3 was not used

Buy in Moscow: 5000 rub.

Модули памяти Siemens

4. Siemens memory modules

6ES7953-BLF30-0AA0 64Kb - 1000r (1pc total 4)

6AV2181-8XP00-0AX0 2Gb - 2000r (1pc total 1)

Buy in Moscow:

СПК107 (2016 г.в) СПК107 (2016 г.в)

5. Touch industrial controller SPK107 (2016)

In a box with a set of brackets.

The main disadvantage is ancient software

Buy in Moscow: 5000 rub.


6. OWEN input-output modules of the old sample

Buy in Moscow:

MU110-6U - 3000 rub.

МВ110-8А - 3000 rub.

MU110-8R - 2000 rub.


7. Contactors and relays 220V

ABB ESB24-40 - 1pc

PHOENIX CONTACT No 2903668 - 4pcs

Buy in Moscow: 2000r

If you need a quick answer - write to me on Whatsapp +79104444236

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