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12-channel dimming device (Modbus)

The device that controls the smooth increase in brightness, 12-channel is designed (modbus dimmer) to control the electrical power of the load in 12 independent channels. Can be used to dim LED dimmable and/or incandescent lamps at 220 V AC or 12 V DC supply voltage.

The device is implemented on a modern powerful microcontroller (MC) with an ARM Cortex M3 core. The load power is controlled by opening and closing the output keys (VC) at the right times. MK for each channel, in accordance with a given power setting, determines the time intervals during which the output keys must be open and generates the appropriate signals to the control device in the output key (UUVK). UUVK is designed to convert the MK signal into a signal necessary for opening the VC, as well as to block the opening of the key in case of exceeding the permissible output current through this channel. When the allowable current is exceeded, the UUVK closes the output key and transmits to the CPU a signal of exceeding the allowable power, generalized over all channels.


When connecting a load designed for a voltage of 12 or 24 V DC, the load power is controlled by PWM modulation of the output signal with a frequency of 100 Hz. When a load rated for 220 V AC with a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz is connected, a rectified supply voltage is supplied to the load, while the load power is controlled by closing the VC at 0 phase of the supply voltage and opening it with the required delay (dimming along the leading edge), or by opening the VC at 0 phase of the supply voltage and closing it with the required delay (dimming on the trailing edge). This dimming method allows you to control the brightness of incandescent lamps, as well as LED lamps designed to work with a thyristor dimmer. Connecting to the device LED lamps that are not designed to work with a dimmer is not allowed and may lead to lamp failure..

To connect ultrasonic distance sensors, the device contains a sensor power supply (5V) and two analog input channels 0..5 V.

The device is controlled via an Ethernet (Modbus TCP) or RS485 (Modbus RTU) communication channel.

Experimental testing is currently underway. The product is new, not serial. The first buyers will receive a two-year extended warranty (replacement in case of malfunction) as a gift. Cost 10000r (there will be a din-rail version).






Диммер Modbus 12ch

What our board can:

  • dimming lamps 220V AC;
  • dimming LED strips and lamps 12V DC;
  • be controlled via Ethernet and RS-485;

And also:

  • it can be controlled by servos
  • you can write your own firmware for it

#Dimmer, #Modbus, #12CH, #budgetcontrollighting

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