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Daily timer-regulator

Task for the programmer: three-period timer-regulator

 Ежедневный трехпериодный таймер-регулятор

Object: private apartment, smart home system, ventilation control (frequency regulation).

Equipment: programmable logic controller, web page, frequency drive.

Programming assignment: This control algorithm is designed to strike a balance between minimal noise comfort and energy savings..

Fan speed settings are arranged in three different time intervals (three upper horizontal control panels).

Temperature sensor control mode (lower control panel).

Regulation in different time intervals is carried out as follows:

The top right corner shows the current fan speed (from 1 to 7).

The set values "Start"/"Stop" set the time interval of regulation and the time of the first start - the start of the fan operation.

"Cycle" - sets the interval between the end of the previous and the start of the next cycle of the fan.
"Activity" - sets the fan operation time in minutes in the corresponding time interval in a given cycle.
"Value" - set fan speed in a given period.
For example, if the following are set: Cycle - 40 min, Activity - 15 min, Value - 3, and the regulation mode ("Start" / "Stop") is set between 00.00 and 07.15, then at 00.00 hours the fan will start and run for 15 minutes at speed 3. After the set active time has elapsed, the fan will turn off and turn on again after a set cycle of 40 minutes.
If “Cycle” and “Activity” are set to “0”, the fan will operate constantly at the speed (mode) set in the “Value” section during the entire set time interval.
Fan control by temperature sensor (bottom control panel) allows you to control the temperature by changing the fan speed according to three preset thresholds. The temperature-based operation mode is activated automatically when the first threshold value is exceeded, therefore, the fan speed will depend on the temperature, and not on the current period.
The temperature in the room is displayed in the lower left corner of the tab..
"Threshold" - the temperature value limit, upon reaching which the fan switches to the set speed. When returning beyond this threshold, a dead zone of 1C is taken into account, which protects the temperature regime from swinging.
"Value" - the set fan speed at a given temperature.
When the room temperature reaches the set level, the fan will automatically switch to the speed set for this threshold. When the next set temperature level is reached, the fan will start to operate according to a different threshold. As the temperature drops, the fan speed will change accordingly. When decreasing below the lower setting parameter, it will return to the mode in accordance with the set time intervals.
This algorithm is created and works great.

This article can serve as an interesting technical task for software developers. If you managed to create this solution - send the archive. I'll post it here with the name of the author.

#smarthome, #taskexample, #controlalgorithm, #apartmentventilation

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