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GSM amplifier in ACS

GSM signal booster

An extremely unstable GSM connection was observed at one of the objects remote from the center, while remote access was needed for programming. With such a connection, it was not even possible to log in using Teamviewer. No more than one division appeared on the cell phone.

We found a way out by using the following equipment – L3GCB-10. I recommend it to everyone as a proven solution. At a cost of about 8000r.

Now everything works great!

ATTENTION!!! It works where there is a real, albeit weak 3g

At his dacha d .Alachkovo Moscow. obl – does not work with anything (Beeline, MTS, Megafon), since there is no 3G coverage at all.




#remoteaccess, #3G, #programming, #remoteprogramming, #L3GCB-1, #GSM, #GSMamplifier

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