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Online store

Online store

The history of the creation of an online store, although not the most successful, but still a useful experience, the Joomla platform was used

An online store for the sale of equipment for automated control systems began to be created in October 2015. The main equipment supplier was my friends and they already had their own website and business. Basically, there was an idea along with the main activity to sell something that someone could lie idle for years. But it turned out to slightly expand the volume of goods.

We started with the appearance of the site. Turned to competent people for advice.

As a result, the following Technical Task was formulated:

Further thought and created such a logo:


There were several different versions of the site in the works: 

The site is finally finished: 

Now I don’t promote this store, it’s almost a frozen idea, I intend to continue developing it if I start promoting some electronic components myself.

URL online store

#onlinestore, #equipmentforautomation

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