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An example of interaction between OWEN PLC and iRidium Mobile iPad. Password entry

iRidium Mobile iPad (authorization)


This video example shows the solution for authorization on PLC110 (OWEN) from iPad with pre-installed iRidium Mobile.

The authorization is created as follows: the variable (Integer) assigned to the buttons and the variables in the PLC are interconnected by the Modbus TCP driver. When the input buttons are pressed, this variable is set to a number, and when released, it is reset to zero.

The controller writes a sequence of input numbers into an array of values and compares to the array of key values. If the combination converges, then it generates an event on which an event is generated to call a pop-up window or any other action.

In accordance with this event, the iRidium Mobile script understands which pop-up window should be opened (Greetings to Vyacheslav). Thus, we inform the user that the correct user has logged into the system. Next, exit to the control frame.

Total used 4 variables:
Increment:INT;(* Running yellow fireflies on the password screen*)
Increment1:INT;(* Running triangles on the main frame *)
Password:WORD;(* We send the code of the logged in user to the panel *)
MW0:WORD;(* Commands-codes of buttons when entering a password *)

PLC code

Password entry algorithm

Panel code (you will need to replace the extension with *.irpz):

Code of Iridium Mobile

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