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Communication S7-1200 with IP320

S7-1200 communication with IP320

Those who simultaneously work with a large number of PLC and SCADA brands sooner or later face the fact that there is not enough competence. Usually something does not work, but how to understand why? Where to read? Where to look? Who to ask?
It is absolutely certain that all the answers are there and all the manuals for the equipment have been written long ago, the only difficulty is either there is no time to look for them, or there is no time to read them. It is necessary that you click on the button and here it is the result. What can I say, please forgive and accept)
In this article I will describe how I connected the S7-1200 Siemens PLC (TIA-Portal SP1) using the CM1241 communication module with the IP320 monochrome panel.
For quite a long time, on short visits, I tried to solve the connection issue (I will not hide, my friends helped me). In fact, I give step-by-step instructions for setting up MODBUS RTU with a Siemens S7-1200 controller:
1. After we have inserted the communication module in the device manager, we need to set the port parameters

tia portal

2. After this, we create an organization block OB100, which in the first polling cycle of the program initiates, activates the communication processor and parameterizes the port


3. In the main OB 1 (it's not so important here), we poll the Slave library. We call the function for the Modbus Slave (it makes the data of the DB block into registers on the communicator port). Addressing with 1 or 4xxx1.


4. We analyze the information received by the system blocks.



5. The result of these actions should be the correspondence of the data displayed on the panel and those in the PLC data block. The Rx / TX LEDs are lit almost continuously, which characterizes the exchange of data packet.

Связь с ИП320

Внешний вид S7-1200

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