Seamless internet

The purpose of this article is to review seamless Internet solutions that are present on the global market and in Russia in particular.

Seamless Internet is ensured by the selection and placement of equipment (signal repeaters) in such a way as to ensure that there are no zones in which there are no conditions for receiving a Wi-Fi signal.

- My name is Vyacheslav Lapshin (V.R.). I am an automation engineer, the head of the company "Fast Projects". Recently, the market has seen an increase in the demand for seamless Internet, which is required in transport, in concert halls, in offices, in a number of industrial applications and many other places. Separately in this list are smart home technologies. There are many solutions on the market, but how do you figure them out? After all, firstly, they are not all that cheap, and, secondly, they are not very clearly described for users. What should the user do? Let's contact a specialist.
- My name is Artem Merkulov (A.M.). I am an engineer, a specialist in the integration of Smart Home systems. I am mainly engaged in setting up systems for covering space with seamless Internet in private houses, less often at industrial facilities. I agree that now there is an increase in demand for solutions over a seamless network. The systems are either quite expensive or medium in budget, but inconvenient to set up. Note that it is not enough just to buy the appropriate equipment. You need to study, take certain courses, where they teach the features of the settings. I will try to sort everything out on the shelves and explain how the process of diagnostics, brand selection, and system tuning takes place.V.R. - Let's first define what a seamless Internet is and what its purpose is.

A.M. - Seamless Internet is a distributed system with a central point of access to the Internet, which distributes access to the network to other devices connected to it. Seamless Internet ensures uninterrupted, stable connection when moving between access points. At the same time, there are no duplicate networks; a single addressing is provided for all access points.

V.R. - That is, when, for example, a person moves from one floor to another with his phone or tablet, he will not lose touch?
A.M. - Yes, this is the main purpose of the seamless internet. Client access points are distributed to the places with the highest signal strength and reliably receive the Internet in the general coverage area.

V.R. - What is required in order to understand what kind of equipment needs to be purchased for a particular Customer, do you need a floor plan, for example?
A.M. - Yes, a floor plan is needed. In addition to it, it is necessary to diagnose the premises themselves and find the so-called weak signal spots in them. Where the signal of one access point ends, the next one is set. The coverage can be both along one floor of the room, and on several floors at once.V.R. - Have you ever had cases when the Customer was dissatisfied with the work performed or presented requirements that you could not fulfill?
A.M. - No, there were no such cases. At the design stage, you can lay some margin for the placement of access points, so that during operation, if weak points are identified, you can add or rearrange some equipment, and easily eliminate these "dead zones".

V.R. - Another question. Are there routers with two SIM cards so that the router can choose the optimal connection quality?
A.M. - Yes, there are such solutions. For example, MikroTik has two different LAN drivers and, accordingly, two traffic sources. This can be a USB modem or an additional WAN port.

V.R. - Should the equipment to be installed be of the same manufacturer or is it allowed to use products from different manufacturers?
A.M. - It is better to build the entire network on one brand, adhere to the concept of the so-called brand ecosystem. In both simple and expensive solutions, this is due to the fact that all components within the same brand interact better with each other.

V.R. - Tell me, how do you determine how much the work will cost? Does the customer need to know the price of your services in advance?
A.M. - The price is determined locally, formed at the stage of preliminary assessment of the object. A large part of the budget goes to the equipment itself. It is determined how much the access point costs, how much they need to be installed and in what places.

V.R. - Will the departure be paid?
A.M. - If the Customer agrees to the installation, then the departure will be free. If not, then we agree on the cost of departure in advance, so that neither side would be offended.

V.R. - Let's take a closer look at the manufacturers of equipment for the seamless Internet. You have already mentioned MikroTik, and what other brands are present on the Russian market that a user can purchase?
A.M. - All equipment (brands) can be conditionally divided by price class.
1. Cisco WAP, access points are combined without an additional controller.
2. Zyxel Keenetic.
3. Ruckus.
4. Ubiquiti Networks.
5. MikroTik.
Cisco is an American networking brand. They have a successful but very expensive solution. They present their products as some kind of complex (their own ecosystem), which is designed to solve their problems. The system provides the user with its services, software that facilitate the work of setting up. I have experience in setting up systems on this brand, but I have not been trained by Cisco and I cannot say that their product justifies the funds 100%.
There is Ruckus, I haven't worked with it yet, but you can offer a solution on Ruckus, although it's far from cheap. There is a special program Ekahau in which you can make coverage maps.
With Ubiquiti, I had networking experience, working option. Many are sure that a seamless network is easy to build there, because the system architecture is built this way. However, in fact, a completely seamless network does not work. Ubiquity usually comes with a controller.
There is also such a brand as Linksys Velop, but such brands are a thing in themselves. I can't really add anything about it.
Some of my friends use Zyxel Keenetic Air - the price does not bite, but there are limitations and I cannot recommend this as a good solution.

V.R. - What brand do you have main work experience with?
A.M. - Mostly Ubiquiti, MikroTik.
I make good decisions on MikroTik. They thought of everything to combine a line of devices into a single network and create a single network infrastructure. As for the software part in terms of these settings, everything is also thought out and flexible there. Gadgets seamlessly switch between access points, clients are visible in the microtic interface and who is on which access point. No glitches were noticed. When you call via WhatsApp, the connection does not break wherever you go within the general coverage area.

Поэтажный план Mikrotik

For the price, I would classify MikroTik in the middle price segment. For me, this is a good combination of price / quality. The main thing is to correctly distribute all access points and configure the main router accordingly. Do not forget about 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies, if available on devices. And you can make a 5GHz seamless network.

Картинка настроек Mikrotik

Merkulov Artem


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