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Converter MODBUS RTU to SNMP v.2

SNMP via ADFweb gateway

The task was to interrogate 16 HUAWEI PDU2000 devices using the Modbus RTU protocol and transfer data to the network for IT specialists using the SNMP protocol.
HUAWEI PDU2000 have internal diagnostics, which are well implemented on the Modbus RTU protocol, show voltages, currents and other parameters.
The protocol converter HD67164-485-A1 was issued for development.


I downloaded the Compositor SW67164 program from the ADFWEB.COM site, began to understand.


It doesn’t seems to be something complicated. I read the document, repeated everything and rejoice. However, I note that I don’t remember that any device was so difficult to master over the past 18 years. A masterpiece of mystery and rebus, at least for me.
From the comments:
1. The Manual Guide document for this protocol converter is only in English, 42 pages, which is really not enough. There is a lot of water, but in fact there is very little that can be useful when mastering the device. Kind of Italian joke.
2. It all started with an IP change. At first, it was not possible to jump off the default address. After reading the document for a long time and talking with the Italians from technical support, I realized that the converter is very demanding on power reboots. There is a whole tricky procedure. You must first use a jumper to transfer it to the configuration mode, then load it with the desired IP, then return the jumper to its place, reboot the device
3. There are many different browsers that allow you to read SNMP, but I strongly advise you not to bother with this, since various little things and tricks, without setting which = the system will not exchange data. I recommend using this one: iReasoner MIB Browser.


4. An important feature is that the Modbus address table is limited to 512 lines. More cannot be entered. The SNMP address table is limited to 256 lines. That is, if you need to poll 16 devices on the bus, then you will not be able to get more than 16 registers. I managed to understand this completely “later”, after processing the XML files.
Further on, I will try to describe the features of the settings, as they are, with images. No explanation. The way it works for me. Currently connected to the input module Aries MB110-8A.


Here it just hangs. You need to disable the program yourself by multiple clicking on the "cross".


Don't forget to turn off the Windows firewall.


It is necessary to supplement this article with the fact that in 2022 the task came to configure a similar gateway, but for the Bacnet protocol.

The task turned out to be more difficult and had to tinker. It is a pity that technical support from Europe practically does not support either paid or free.

The product was bought, very good - use it. Any problems - read the instructions.

The fact that it is not complete, that many points can be interpreted in different ways, does not really bother anyone.

Of the important tips for those who mess with it after me:

1. Get familiar with the gateway itself before connecting to real equipment. Connect an additional computer and install the Bacnet protocol simulator on it

2. Pay attention to Case-sensitive (capital/capital letters) Private/private and the like. Any error = no connection

3. Ping from real devices is important, but this is not a guarantee of an exchange. You need to read instructions from real devices. They must respond to requests from the Yabe program

Further, for understanding, I leave working images.







WhatsApp Image 2022-03-17 at 16.59.42-min.jpeg




For the last task related to the BACNET protocol, the protocol simulation utility helped a lot Bacnet.Room.Simulator.7z

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