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The composition of the engineer's tools for the implementation of automation work

Automation adjuster tools

A rather important aspect of the activity of a commissioning engineer at an automation object during commissioning is the composition of equipment and tools.

The better, more compact and more convenient the tools of the service engineer, the faster and better he will be able to complete work on the automation object.

Sharing my toolbox (which is usually necessary):

This is how everything looks when you find yourself at the workplace at the facility, all this fits in two hands, which is very important, since sometimes you have to climb stairs.
Portable tourist table. A very handy and practical item. The laptop will not fall from the heating pipe.
Small wooden stool. Lightweight and durable. Putting it on the priest, you can reach for something that is high and unattainable.
Asus Core i7. Matte display. Old man. Now replaced by MSI Core i7 in 2021.
This is what it looks like in one bag
This is how compact and comfortable the leather bag from GE looks
Semi-automatic multimeter APPA. Unkillable unless deliberately mocked
This is what the disassembled kit looks like. In the upper right corner, the most trump card is the striper and the joker


I want to pay special attention to the following tools:

1. Stripper. Fits in the back pocket of jeans

2. Beckhoff thin screwdriver. Very good and comfortable in the hands

3. American power screwdriver with interchangeable links

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