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Lapshin Vyacheslav


Contact phone: +7 (910) 4444-236
e-mail: krollcbas@gmail.com
Skype: slayzay

Education: Higher MGIEM

Training and certificates:

Schneider Electric, WAGO, BECKHOFF, TRACE MODE, Siemens, Masterscada3, WINCC OA

Software products:

InTouch, CodeSys, STEP7, WinCC, ExperTune, Trace Mode, UNITY PRO, CITECT, OWEN, TwinCat.
Design of process control systems, programming in IEC 61131-3 languages, experience in programming of sequential control circuits SFC, S7-GRAPH, S7-HIGRAPH, creation of finite state machine circuits, construction of sequential control circuits. Experienced user of MS Excel VBA, ACAD, Visio, MS Project, Programming controllers Wago, Beckhoff, Siemens, OWEN.

English: basic conversational (experience of commissioning at facilities with English-speaking staff), reading of technical documentation.

The purpose of the site: Creation of a platform for the exchange of experience, the search for the scope of work on the design and programming of automated control systems, the modernization of the production of automated process control systems, consultations in the field of automation.
The main roles that were performed by the sector manager, the software engineer of the automated process control system, the preparation and commissioning of the commissioning, the creation of project documentation in accordance with GOST34, the GIP for the software part (system architect), PLC programming, dispatching of engineering systems and auxiliary facilities, dialogue with the Customer from data collection to the delivery of the facility, recruitment

Workplaces and transferred projects:

  • 06.2017 - 12.2017 - (part-time): OOO "Promenergogrupp" - Modernization of the diesel fuel supply system to the turbojet engine test bench. Installation, middle-level programming (PLC Siemens S7-1200). Position: Software Engineer
  • 12.2016 - 09.2017 - (part-time): LLC "Tikhelman" - Creation of a climate system for the "Smart Home". Creation of working documentation, middle-level programming (Beckhoff PLC). Position: Software Engineer
  • 01.2015 - 09.2016 - (part-time): CJSC "RТsoft" - Creation of a system for commercial accounting of petroleum products in non-linear, communicating tanks. Creation of project documentation, middle-level programming (PLC WAGO PFC200). Position: Software Engineer
  • 03.2016 - 06.2016 - (part-time): SBT-Group - Creation of application software for the system of the counter-emergency platform (SIEMENS PLC). Position: Software Engineer
  • 04.2016 - 12.2016 (part-time): ZAO "RТsoft" - Conducting commissioning works. Creation of executive documentation, middle-level programming (Schneider Electric PLC). Position: Software Engineer
  • 07.2015 – 12.2015: JSC “Stolyarka.mos.ru” – modernization of machine tools with numerical program control (PLC Delta). Create project documentation, programming of the upper level. Position: Engineer
  • 05.2014 – 08.2016: JSC “Tessa» – comissioning works on objects of of storage facilities (Individual heating unit, Ventilation system, OWEN ПЛК). Creating of project documentation, programming and commissioning work at the facilities of automation. Position: Software Engineer
  • 06.2014 – 04.2015: LTD «Kogeneratsiya.ru» –  LTD “Kogeneratsiya.ru» – engineering of the cogeneration automated system, programming and designing code, selection of the equipment, organisation and carrying out commissioning (thermal units, graduation towers, WAGO and OWEN PLC). Creating of project documentation. Position: thе Head of the Department of automation, Software Engineer of PLC.
  • 02.2014 – 05.2014: JSC “Estralin SIC» – JSC “Estralin ZVK» – maintenance of extrusion lines (high voltage cable factory). Position: Team Leader adjustment and repair of electronic equipment.
  • 02.2008 – 10.2013: JSC “RTSoft» – development of complex automation projects for industrial nuclear fuel cycle (nuclear power). Position: Head of sector software PLC. Responsibilities: management of a team of programmers, the creation of operational documentation, commissioning work on customer sites, programming controllers Schneider Electric and Siemens.
  • 06.2007 – 31.01.2008: LTD “Industrial Automation» – preparation of software and hardware complex of automation of the ceramic industry (modernization of brickworks), automation of tunnel dryer and a tunnel oven, hardware-based Siemens S7-300. Position: Leading expert on the implementation of the automated control systems. Responsibilities: Develop project design, development and programming of software blocks controllers STEP7, creation of design documentation, maintenance facilities. Engineer ACS.
  • 02.2007 – 06.2007: LLC “Sait» – ship automation systems, services to provide ship radio navigation equipment. Position: Software Engineer. Responsibilities: programming system emergency outage on the drilling crane vessel “Giant” at the equipment company «Praxis» (Netherlands).
  • 12.2000 – 23.01.2007: JSC “CIS-Controls» – integrated solutions for automation of the industrial enterprises in the petrochemical industry. Position: Chief Project Engineer. Responsibilities: Head of the engineering department. Preparation and delivery of automated control systems “turnkey” at customer sites. Preparation of project and operational documentation. Development of the structure of the object. Certification. Programming of controllers IEC61131-3. Scripting environment InTouch.
  • 10.1994 – 09.2000: LLC “Kompyutrols» – programming, installation of electrical cabinets, design and implementation of the ladder logic, replacement of existing fire protection systems Honeywell on systems Computrols, preparation of executive documentation using ACAD. Position: Installation engineer. Responsibilities: commissioning work at the facilities of the building automation.

Implementation of the projects:

  • Kursk Nuclear Power Plant. Automation of solid radioactive waste storage. Kurchatov, 2017
  • Development of a system for commercial accounting of petroleum products in a tank farm with a complex architecture. Moscow, 2016
  • Modernization of the Siemens control system. Contraband site of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, Istra, 2016
  • Modernization of machine tools with digital program control. Volokolamsk, 2015
  • Development of the system loading washer fluid Moscow, 2015;
  • Syktyvkar Tissue Group – designing and carrying out of commissioning works at CHP Pulp and Paper Mill (waste paper recycling) p.Semibratovo, 2015;
  • Logistic Group – designing and carrying out commissioning work at the facilities of storage d. Leshkovo Istra district of Moscow region 2014;
  • Novovoronezh nuclear power – control system of transporting nuclear waste (conveyor). Development of application software control panel and a controller configuration (Quantum HSB + Magelis5330). Development of the project, the creation of application software PLC Premium, 2013;
  • Research Institute of Atomic Physics – irradiation system (disinfection) radioisotope method of medical equipment and components (SU-200). Worked  with non-standard communication protocols between the system of radiation monitoring SARK (Belarus) and the controller Premium, 2013.
  • Kola nuclear power – system of monitoring and registration of events for DC boards Series 4EA, 4EB, 4EC, 4ED, made of JSC “Progress”. Commissioning works (M340 + Magelis), 2012;
  • Kola nuclear power – the system of locks and protection to the water level in the steam generators of power units №1, 2. Commissioning works (Quantum HSB + VijeoCitect), 2011;
  • Rostov nuclear power – an automated control system of the furnace combustion of solid radioactive waste. Commissioning works (QuantumHSB + M340 + VijeoCitect), 2011;
  • FSUE “PA” Mayak “- systems of control by the technological process of installation cleaning liquid level waste and special sewage treatment. Engineering. Documentation of automatisation. Commissioning works (Premium + Magelis), 2010;
  • RUE “PA” Belaruskali “- Collaboration with company HOWDEN Ventilatoren GMBH. Work with the automated process control system of air handling Krasnoslobodsky mine the Republic of Belarus. Engineering. Implementation of commissioning works with English-speaking partners, without an interpreter (S7-400H + WinCC), 2009;
  • LLC “InKeram” – Automation of control of of tunnel burning kiln bricks, automation of control tunnel drying firing bricks. Engineering. Commissioning works (S7-300 + WinCC), 2008;
  • JSC “NK” Rosneft “- crane vessel with a drilling platform “Giant “- emergency system outages in excess concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas (Praxis), 2008;
  • JSC “Tatneft” – the system of automated control of gas fractional unit. Engineering. Commissioning works (Apacs + Quadlog + Intouch), 2007;
  • JSC “Kazanorgsintez” – system of automated loading of petroleum products. Engineering. Commissioning works (ICP DAS + TRACE MODE), 2003;
  • JSC “Sibur-Petrochem” – the system of automated control and monitoring of commodity and raw material base liquefied petroleum gas. Engineering. Installation supervision (Quadlog + Intouch), 2003;
  • JSC “Svetogorsk» / «International Paper» – the system of ignition and locks of the  power boiler (3 systems). Engineering. Commissioning works (Quadlog + Intouch), 2002;
  • JSC “Arcticgaz” – fire safety system. Engineering. Commissioning works. Samburgskoye (Novy Urengoy) gas-condensate field (Quadlog + Foxboro + Intouch), 2002;
  • Life support systems of buildings: Park Place, Ducat Place, hotel JSC “Gazprom”, Moscow. Engineering. Commissioning works (Computrols, inc), 2000.

About the author:
There are purposefulness, understanding of the shortest path to the goal, good ability to learn, the desire to create clear system, the desire for the free transfer of experience.
There is an experience in adjusting various control loops in industrial processes. Good knowledge of electrical engineering, power and ability to develop concepts, experience of selection of network components. Knowing the rules of registration of design and working documents. Knowledge of industrial protocols. Automation of production.


LogicMachineHDL Project Unity VijeoCitect Tekora Beckhoff WINCC OA TraceMode Wago Computrols Computrols Omron Siemens Siemens

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