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Name of the project: Development of the Terms of Reference and the Technical Project for the creation of an automated control system for the engineering systems of the incineration plant “Vektra”, Bogulma
Drawing No. Name.dwg
Specification for the supply of equipment № 06-04-02
(Local estimates)
For Supply of equipment
Name of the object: ASU TP system of the waste processing plant
Estimated cost of 9311.84 thousand rubles.
The normative complexity is 0 man hours.
Estimated salary 0.00 thousand rubles.
Compiled (a) in the price level of 3 square meters. 2014
Code No. of codes, numbers of standards and codes of resources Name of works and costs Unit. Amend. Quantity units Price per unit of measurement, rub. Correction factors Conversion factors, number of TOTAL costs, rub. Ref.
ZTR, total person-h
We are standing. u From the beginning, rub.

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