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One of the important documents in the design of process control systems and the realization of an automation object is the Cable list. The final sum of the whole project depends on the quality of the latter. This is due to the problems of purchasing and delivering cable products, the availability of installers on site. Planning of costs for the NDP. This document must necessarily be part of the documentation of the automated process control system, both at the development stage and at the operational stage of the facility.

The most convenient for organizing and counting the composition, lengths and types of cables, is the Microsoft Excell product. There is a possibility of filtering, sampling, commenting, which allows you to conduct this document by remote analysis of what is happening on the site.

I should especially note the quality Finnish cable firm Onninen OY. Full range of cable products. It is worth a bit more expensive Podolsk cable, but the quality is much higher. Copper tinned cores.

Marker Type Wires From Dest Position
MMC1-112W2-e TF KLMA 2×0,8+0,8 экр ШТМ1 MMC1 Y150
MMC3-90W2-e_1 КГВВнг-LS 10х1,5 ШТМ3 MMC3 NY27/28; NY25/26; DCool5

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