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Contacts of ACS engineers

Non-profit association of integrators - a community of people who have devoted themselves to the tasks of creating automated control systems

If you want to become our member, then describe your mini-resume in the comment on this page in a format similar to that presented in this table. Participation is free. 

Full name






Panasyuk Mikhail

LLC "NPF "Vostokpromavtomatika", APCS engineer

Amur region



design, PLC programming, SCADA (Simple, CX-Supervisor, Citect), automation and dispatching

Andreev Andrey

Tibbo Systems. SCADA and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Engineer)



Implementation of projects for the industrial Internet of things, process control systems, "Smart Home" systems. Design of APCS, TM, SSPI systems for energy facilities.

Kuznetsov Pavel

Individual Entrepreneur, LLC "Northern Energy Systems" freelance, assembly of control rooms, APCS programmer, heat power engineer


Arkhangelsk region


Automation, dispatching, diagnostics, adjustment

Gavrilochev Daniel

Modern Engineering Systems, Software Engineer



Automation and dispatching of engineering systems

Varnavsky Vladimir

LLC "MontazhAvtomatika" Engineer - programmer of process control systems



Development of software for PLC, HMI, Scada - systems

Borodin Alexander

Process control engineer.



Development of upper and middle level software in ST, CFC, FBD, SCL languages. Poland, Service. Assembly of Automation Cabinets, installation of equipment. Unix/Linux administration (FreeBSD, Gentoo, Debian). Installation and setup.

Rapoport Ilya

Software Engineer, Automation Engineer.



foreign countries remotely


Development of programs for managing technical processes and equipment in various industries, often without a visit to an automation facility, unified FBs, communication drivers, algorithms and procedures for HIL testing, commissioning, remote assistance in repairing failed equipment and restoring lost work programs, and etc.

Vechtomov Alexander

Freelance. PLC programming, HMI, electrical circuit design, control room assembly




Software development: machine tools, production lines, conveyors, Kawasaki industrial robots. Development of electrical circuits. Eplan. Qualitatively. Cheap.

Malyshev Vladimir

PCS Engineer. Assembly, installation, commissioning




Automation in the gas industry, assembly of control cabinets, commissioning.

Nizamov Marat

Freelance, software engineer




design, programming, commissioning, maintenance

Popov Andrey

Electronics engineer



Automation of technological processes of any complexity. Start-up, maintenance, debugging. Ability to read other people's code

Zykova Maria

design, programming of process control systems



Design, programming, temporarily without Poland: milk, boiler rooms, treatment plants, pumping stations, drying, steaming, HVAC

Kulygin Artem

Freelancer, APCS design, software engineer, cabinet assembly, modernization of old machines, installation, commissioning


Kirov region


Automation of those. processes. Commissioning, service, debugging. Styrofoam equipment

Martynenko Denis

Energy Engineer



Electric power equipment, technical writer, switchboard equipment assembly, cabinet design development, design of 10/0.4kV, VL, CL, VLZ

Yasnitsky Vitaly

" Building Expert" LLC "GEDA", own boss) automation and dispatching of automated control systems in buildings for various purposes: design, supply, installation, commissioning.


all Russia



Selection of technology and equipment for dispatching, selection of a SCADA system, development of interfaces for workstations, operator panels, SCADA for smartphones and tablets, commissioning

Antonov Artem

CJSC "Trest SZMA", EraCross Group of Companies APCS Engineer

Leningrad region


Commissioning, software development, service

Avdeyuk Yuri

AllianceService, Process Automation Engineer



Automation, dispatching, diagnostics, adjustment

Aristov Denis

Programmer, design, assembly



Scada (Simple, Rapid, WinCC fl, 6.2/7.0, Indusoft)

Dorokhov Pavel

HVAC. Maintenance, repair, commissioning, programming.



Maintenance, repair, commissioning of engineering systems, including HVAC automation.

Kolykhalov Sergey

LLC "Signal-Safety", commissioning and testing engineer



Automation and dispatching of building engineering systems

Mallaev Nimat

Freelancing, PLC / SCADA programming, BMS engineering systems have Ltd.



Programming commissioning. Automation and dispatching of engineering systems, ASKUE systems

Chestnov Evgeny

Autonomous technologies



Automation and dispatching of engineering systems

Shestakov Kirill

IP, APCS programming, PLC/HMI/SCADA



Metallurgy, oil and gas, mining, energy, warehouse automation, machine tool building, water treatment, water treatment, housing and communal services, food industry, smart home. Automation, dispatching, Internet dispatching, programming, design, assembly of control rooms

Zuev Alexey


Moscow, all Russia remotely


Schematic design, PLC programming

Pankratov Andrey

Freelancer, engineering systems design

Moscow, all Russia remotely



Krayushkin Sergey

Individual entrepreneur, development of projects






I am a certified programmer under the Siemens Certified S7 Programmer program and an Engineering Partner of Siemens LLC in Automation and Drive Technology. Almost twenty years of experience in implementing automation projects for Siemens equipment, both in whole and in separate parts

Brovko Alexander

programming, design, installation, commissioning

Moscow region


Building automation

Venev Alexey

Software Engineer, Automation Engineer.

Moscow region


Packaging equipment, conveyor systems, palletizing systems. Production processes and lines. Systems of automation and dispatching of buildings and structures.

Zalomov Alexander

Equipment automation engineer

Nizhny Novgorod region.

remotely in Russia


APCS, dispatching, diagrams, installation

Fomenko Maxim

Engineer for programming and adjustment of automated process control systems, MES, CNC, electric drives; APCS programmer.

Nizhny Tagil

Sverdlovsk region


Engineer for programming and adjustment of automated process control systems, MES, CNC, electric drives; APCS programmer.

Shakhnovich Vadim

APCS Engineer



Automation and dispatching of engineering systems.

Golden Pavel

Freelancer, design engineer


all Russia remotely


Process control system design (all sections. fast, cheap, high quality)

Ivanov Dmitry Nestrovich

GIP-Engineering, APCS (Development, supply, installation, commissioning)


all Russia


Wonderware system platform, Wincc, Intouch, Codesys, Step7, Tia, Isograph

Zyrin Vladimir V.

PAO STZ. Process control engineer




Automation of those. processes. Commissioning, service. Software development

Plotnikov Andrey

Freelance, IE, software engineer




Upper and lower level programming. commissioning. All software part - "on a turn-key basis". TiaPortal, codesys, C++ QT, etc.

Kibasov Artem

Globus LLC, development engineer


Rostov region


PLC programming, development of visualization on the operator panel, development of circuit diagrams for control rooms (direction of water disposal, water treatment, SPS)

Volkov Yuri

automation engineer




SCADA, PCL, power impulse technology, solar and wind controllers

Ilya Belyakov

iQ Comfort, Технический директор

St. Petersburg


Design, installation, commissioning, inspection: electricians, automation, smart houses, low voltage, ops, tvn, visualization ux.

Kushnir Andrey

Freelance, electrical engineer, installation

St. Petersburg


Installation of electricians (apartments, cottages, etc.), design, process automation, low-voltage networks, ATS, automation panels, electrical panels

Murashov Dmitry


St. Petersburg


Automation of those. processes, mechatronics, industrial robots

Stepanenko Pavel

Freelance, software engineer

St. Petersburg


Automation (metallurgy/mining/energy), commissioning, software development, service

Stroykin Alexander

LLC "PLK-Consult", design and development of process control systems (PLC/HMI/SCADA). Commissioning at the facility

St. Petersburg


ATX section design, circuit diagram development, PLC programming (Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Schneider, OWEN, etc.), panel programming, SCADA. Equipment setup, commissioning, service

Ovchinnikov Alexander Sergeevich

Russian Trapeza Holding, IP, Freelance

St. Petersburg


Tia Portal, Codesys. Development of documentation for process control systems (EPLAN). C# (WPF, WimForms), node.js, SQL DB.

Yezhkov Yuri

IE, design engineer

St. Petersburg


Design of automation systems, dispatching, communication networks and fire safety. PLC programming. Development of operational documentation for automated control systems

Pegushin Alexander

PJSC "Uralkali"



programming (Siemens 300-400 series, 1200 series, Decont 182, A9), SCADA (WinCC, WinCC Flexible), C/C++, C#

Burdyugov Alexander

Freelancer, APCS design, software engineer

Stary Oskol

Belgorod region


Freelancer, APCS design, software engineer

Akinin Stanislav


Stary Oskol

remotely all of Russia


Software Development (C#, C++, PHP)

Ageev Vladimir

Diagnostics and repair of CNC machines, repair of industrial electronics



Diagnostics and repair of CNC machines, repair of industrial electronics

Gurkov Mikhail

Freelance, software engineer, process control system, automation engineer, individual entrepreneur



Design of automation systems for industrial machines. Montage, Poland. PLC programming. Development of HMI interfaces. Development of data exchange systems with accounting systems (SQL, Access, Excel). Equipment dispatching.

Umurzakov Aidar

Software Engineer, Automation Engineer.



Automation of those. processes. Commissioning, service, debugging.

Soshnikov Semyon

Electronics, microcontrollers, arduino



Electronics, microcontrollers, arduino

Tatarinov Anton



remotely all of Russia


APCS energy, programming, commissioning, consulting

Alekeseev Mikhail

Lead engineer - electronics



Development of process automation programs, commissioning, service.

Terekhov Alexander

Lead Engineer of APCS. Programmer.



WinCC,Centum,OPC HDA,I7000

Demshin Andrey

Automation engineer

St. Petersburg


Supply of Mitsubishi Electric equipment. Programming of PLC, HMI, tuning of frequency converters and servo drives. Modernization and repair of industrial equipment. Repair and modernization of CNC machines. Selection and supply of inexpensive automation elements from China.

Shilyaev Alexander

APCS Engineer




Automation, PLC OMRON, SCADA, Frequency drives

Gil Andrew

Freelancer, AK, ATX design, design engineer




Development of PD (Decree 87), RD ATH (GOST 21.408-2013). Equipment for oil and gas production, processing (pumping stations, wells), automation of treatment facilities for settlements and industrial enterprises. Less familiar with burglar/fire alarms (I can make a simple section if required along with ATX).

Litvinenko Alexander Sergeevich

APCS Engineer

Ukraine, Donetsk region, Mariupol


M.t. +380964828303 +79371879996 in roaming

Skills: development of application software based on controllers s-7 1200,1500 Siemens, quantum cpu 671,672 and Modicon m340,580 Schneider Electric; development of design and operational documentation; - factory testing and delivery of systems to the customer; - commissioning of the supplied systems at the customer's site with the implementation of all necessary commissioning and testing; - maintenance and repair.

Zaitsev Denis

APCS Engineer

City of Smolensk, Yalta. Departure across the Central Federal District and the Crimea is possible.



Skills: design, PLC programming, SCADA (Delta, Siemens, Owen), automation of engineering systems and production, dispatching (Trace Mode, WinCC, TIAPortal), Smart home systems. programming of cabinets, modernization of machines, installation, commissioning.

Shugaev Sergey Valerievich



+7 981 424 06 01

Skills I offer a full range of services for the automation and dispatching of technological processes and production from the inspection of production, the formulation of technical specifications and the development of project documentation, to the commissioning of systems for commercial operation, staff training and warranty service. Cashless payment with VAT - PROJECT-P LLC, without VAT - IP Shugaev S.V. Experience - 11 years. Basic skills: 1. Design - Eplan, AutoCAD. 2.Programming - PLC (Siemens, Omron, WAGO, Delta Electronics, OWEN), SCADA (WinCC, MasterSCADA), application programming (Java).

Evseev Alexander Vasilievich IP

Process Control Engineer, Fast Processes

Zelenograd. Visits to the customer in Russia (Center, North-West, South)

+7 916 974 81 18

Skills: Assistance in production automation - programming, consulting, project support. Data acquisition and test management systems for industrial installations. Control systems for transport and agricultural equipment. Manipulators, servo drives, technical vision. CoDeSys, LabVIEW, C / C ++

Salnikov Igor Leonidovich

Automation engineer

Novosibirsk region Remotely throughout Russia


Skills: Design of automation systems by technological processes. Programming PLC (OWEN, Delta, Mitsubishi, Omron, etc.), operator panels (OWEN, Weintek, Kinco, etc.) parameterization of servo drives, frequency converters. Installation of SHU, Poland.

Predybailo Igor

Automation engineer

mountains Saratov, st. Razina S. T., d. 58, bldg. 6, office 207


Skills:Design and development of process control systems. Programming PLC (Siemens, OWEN, etc.), operator panels (OWEN, Weintek, etc.). Assembly and programming of control cabinets, parameterization of servo drives, frequency converters. Possible NDP. Production of electronics under the order (ARM, AVR, ESP32). Industrial IoT (LPWAN networks). 3D printing of prototypes and metalworking. UAV repair, UAV construction according to the customer's specification.

Petrovtsiy Roman

Automation engineer

Saint Petersburg


Skills: Software and visualization for CAREL c.PCO, c.pCOmini, BOSS, (c.suite, c.web). Modbus, MasterSCADA, Remote configuration of the ISB Sagittarius, fire automatics, commissioning, ventilation, heating

Aripov Botir

LTd "Local systems trade"

Tashkent, throughout Uzbekistan. And also in Georgia.

+998 99 4841222

Skills: Official partner for BMS Schneider in Uzbekistan (Ecoxpert). Design of systems for automated control systems, process control systems, Smart Home, Control4, KNX, Modbus and much more. Vast experience in the implementation of Ecostruxure Building (Schneider electric). Programming and engineering on Modicon M series. Author's supervision of projects. Installation of an electrician of any complexity (showing the quality of work on request)

Strelnikov Sergey Alexandrovich

IE Strelnikov Sergey Александрович

Moscow, Moscow Region, all of Russia - remotely or on site


Skills: programming in CodeSys 2.3, CodeSys 3.5, OwenLogic. Operator panel programming (OWEN, Weintek, etc.). SCADA systems, cloud services. Development and installation of building automation, dispatching, ventilation, power electrical part and much more

Nikonov Alexander




Skills: Automation and dispatching of engineering systems, automated process control systems for relay protection and automation, energy, programming, adjustment, Electrical laboratory up to 110kV

Bednyakov Ilya

LLC "GR Soft"

Saint Petersburg

Телефон +7(962)383-19-72

Skills: Automation of food, chemical production, dosing, mixing, lines for the production of electronic components, multi-axle machines, dispatching. Siemens (STEP/TIA/WinCC), InTouch, TwinCAT2/3. CoDeSys2/3, Beckhoff, WAGO, Web , JS Angular, .NET, SQL, Oracle, Phyton, C/C++

Burkov Dmitry

LLC "Motorcon"



Skills: PLC and PR programming in CodeSys 2.3, CodeSys 3.5, OwenLogic, TIA Portal, SOFT!Comfort, WPLSoft environments. Operator panel programming (OWEN, Weintek, DELTA, Kinco, etc.).
Programming Scada systems based on Masterscada 3(4), TraceMode

Kovtun Maxim

JSC "Sinetic"

Novosibirsk city


Skills: Software development for Siemens SCADA systems (WinCC, WinCC OA), PLC and HMI software (Delta, Kinco, Omron, OVEN). Design of electrical circuit diagrams, single-line, assembly diagrams in CAD AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical. Programming and tuning of the inverter, soft starter,
servo systems, instrumentation (Schneider, LSIS, ENC, Danfoss, Siemens, OWEN)

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